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Mr Frosh laments tribalism in music industry

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up-and-coming artiste, Bright Wokurum, aka Mr Frosh, has said that regardless of where one is from or what language one speaks, one should be given equal opportunities with other artistes.

He told , “Ethnicity and tribalism are the major challenges in the industry. I feel everyone should be given equal opportunities and privileges, irrespective of their tribes. There were times I felt I wasn’t going to be heard. I felt discouraged but I kept a positive attitude towards my music, because I know good things take time, and time helps one to build capacity and momentum. Besides, there is no hero without a scar. Hearing some stories of people who grew from nothing to something helped me stay focused.”

Speaking on his latest single titled ‘Code’, the singer noted that he was inspired by his everyday experiences. He said “My inspiration comes from real-life events. Growing up as a child, I saw a lot of things happening around me that I wished I had the power to change, so when I reflect on those past moments during my quiet time, it gives me something to sing about.”

The singer also stated that he was constantly learning from people who had been in the industry before him. This was even as he expressed confidence that he would make a name for himself in the history books of afrobeats legends.

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