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Marital havens of atrocity

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This is how a lady narrated the atrocity that was happening in her brother’s marriage to me. “We didn’t know what was happening in our elder brother’s home until several years down the line and there are children involved.  His wife had just a daughter for him before a teenage relation of the wife joined them. The girl was very young because I remembered she sat for her Junior WAEC in their house. According to what the girl (now a lady) told us years later… When her aunt came for her (she is orphaned) in the village, she told her that she wanted to help her. But, less than two weeks after joining her aunt’s family, the aunt’s husband started entering her room every night to “touch her”. She said it was often a struggle and after much resistance, the man would walk away, only to come back the next night. When in the morning, she told her aunt what was going on, the woman would say “allow him to play with you”. And that was how the aunt’s husband started having his way with her, every night. The girl was about 14-15 years at the time! In no time, she became pregnant and her pregnancy seemed to have brought out a demon in her aunt because the woman ensured she worked like a slave in that pregnancy state. She said that there was a time their pumping machine developed a fault and rather than call the repair guy, the aunt made sure she was fetching water from downstairs…in that state. At a time, it seemed that the errands the woman sent her were those that put her pregnancy at risk.  The girl actually ended up having two more children in that house before she completed her secondary school education! She’s about the same age with the couple’s daughter but they sent their daughter abroad for university education but the wife did not allow the training of this lady beyond secondary school. Her saving grace was that she started reaching out to us with her story. And that’s when me and my sisters put resources together to rent a comfortable apartment for her and her children and asked her to return to school, but she chose to go to a skill acquisition school. To our greatest surprise, she began to do well with her business.  She already has three children for my brother but the problem is that she has become emotionally attached to him. She calls him “brother”. And she would often tell us that “brother gives it to me well.” That’s when I knew that the penis can have a strong hold on some women.

She does not see eye to eye with her aunty, though.  You need to hear that young lady talk to understand the level of resentment she harboured towards the aunty. I suspect she has continued to sleep with my brother…just to punish the woman.’ We have been her saving grace because she would have remained a slave in that house and the man she sleeps with was too powerless to do much for her. The bottom line is that things have since gotten out of hand and my brother’s wife has most likely made an enemy for life.

From Oby… Alot of atrocities are happening in so many marriages and the women are neck deep in the act. In fact, they are hardly the victims. Imagine the evil-mindedness of the woman who could subject her late relation’s child to such life, rather than risk the husband marrying doing his thing out there! People who understand life would rather shelve certain selfish desires because things can easily get out of hand and end up giving you a life time of needless stress. The man who couldn’t see his own daughter in the vulnerable girl under his roof is an animal!

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