Makarfi, Dickson task politicians on tolerance

dedbd ahmed mohammed makarfi
dedbd ahmed mohammed makarfi

From Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja

Former  national chairman, Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), Senator Ahmed Markarfi,   has charged politicians to draw lessons from the life of former governor of Kaduna State,   late Patrick Yakowa. 

Makarfi, spoke, at the  10th  Memorial Anniversary Lecture of the late Kaduna State governor, who died in plane crash in 2012, and unveiling of the Yakowa Foundation, on Tuesday, in Abuja.

He noted that that the late Yakowa’s life is a reflection of the fact that it God that has the final say in the life of any individual, stating that the former governor in his life time was committed to  the cause of his people and the country,

Makarfi, who is also a former governor of Kaduna State said” Destiny made Yakowa deputy Governor, destiny made him Governor and it was destiny that took him away. Everything comes from God. And it is very relevant in the life of late Yakowa.

” As my SSG when my late deputy passed away and I wanted to make him the deputy Governor there was extreme resistance from Southern Kaduna and the only condition was that I must never allow him to contest for the Governorship and I agreed. But God has his plans.

“But after my administration he continued as a deputy because that was what God had planned for him, and the rest is history. This should serve as a lesson to us all. What is yours will come to you at the right time. His life should be a lesson to all of us.”


Similarly, former Bayelsa State governor, Senator Seriake Dickson, described the late Yakowa as a quiet man, who was very tolerant, noting that there is need for politicians to imbibe the virtue of tolerance in the run-up to the 2023 polls.

 “I want to also said that at this point in time, a time our country has seen more division than we have seen before, a time that we see more intolerance than never before. A time that many things are rearing their heads, tearing this country apart instead of building it together.

“We call for more political leaders to imbibe the philosophy of Yakowa, he showed so much tolerance, accommodation, we cannot always agree, let us not pretend that we want to be a nation where we see things from the same perspective, that is not tenable in any human society. Whether we agree or disagree we should do that in National Interest,” Dickson stated.