Mac Roc: Unveiling new Nigerian talents in musical platform

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The first edition of Music Uncovered, a talent showcase organised by Advanced Team Works in collaboration with Mac Roc sessions held recently at ATW Centre, Abuja.

According to Talent Manager and Music Producer, Mac Roc, the initiative stemmed from the need to give artists especially those in Abuja, a voice.

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“Most people in Nigeria feel that to succeed in music you must be in Lagos. But we believe there are also great talents here and great minds here that can change that narrative.

“This is the first of its kind where you have a producer collaborate with a media company to promote talents at no cost. Thanks to Advanced Team Works for making this happen.”

The core purpose of the initiative is to showcase talents and good music in all genres by Nigerian artists across Africa and the world at large. Artists are allowed to perform covers of their favourite artists and also their original songs.

The nine participating artists performed live to an online audience. The artists include Monlee Mane, Tim Ayo, Moses Akoh, Emmanuel Cliff, Deewyne, Victor Thompson, Leez Butter, Vique Sing and Yinka Okeleye.

On the reason he chose to partner with ATW Mac Roc said, “the idea of Music uncovered is for artists to have a cover piece and original piece to be produced live, in real time. And that’s what ATW is all about, giving you real time quality production.”

Also speaking, Ohimai Areguamen, Creative Director, Audio and Remote, Advanced Teamworks, noted that in the music business good sound has become a problem in the industry, be it live sound, studio sound, broadcast sound and it is part of the objective of ATW to ensure great sound at any event.

“At ATW we are passionate about music production, live video production, web streaming, virtual conference hosting and powering events. Our slogan is bringing life to live.

“We have best audio gears and a highly experienced audio team of engineers. All the artists who performed at Music Uncovered were amazed at the sound they heard and we got a lot of positive reviews.”

A performing act at the event, Tim Ayo, expressed his joy at the outcome of the event.

“The fact that we had very little rehearsal but still put up an exceptional show just made me understand that a goal could be well achieved with the right team channeling reasonable efforts individually towards it. Thanks to ATW for for a great show,” he enthused.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Executive at Advanced Teamworks, Daniels Akpomon hinted that “all the platforms and product at ATW like atwXstream,,, ATWLIVE etc were engineered to bridge the very many divides in the media industry in this part of the world with digital and scalable innovations that can also stay affordable and rapidly deployable in this social and web era. Music Uncovered on her ATWLIVE platform, is one of such.”

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