Leadership tussle: SDP youth wing passes vote of confidence in Agunloye, Gabam

From Okwe Obi, Abuja

The Youth Wing of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has passed a vote of confidence in the leadership of party Chairman, Olu Agunloye and Secretary, Shehu Gabam, as a result of the current leadership crisis rocking the party.

Its Speaker and Youth Leader, Chukwuma Uchechukwu, in a statement yesterday, commended Agunloye and Gabam for the manner in which they handled the internal leadership crisis.

Uchechukwu said, “SDP youths express their solidarity to the leadership of the National Chairman Dr. Olu Agunloye, the National Secretary Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam, and the entire National Working Committee.

“And we applaud the NWC’s quick action in dealing with Dr. Abdul Ahmed Isiaq’s anti-party decisions.

“We condemn the illegal NEC meeting called by the suspended party member, but we assure the public that such factional activity is not tolerated by the SDP.

“Dr. Isiaq has validated the decision to suspend him for his previous anti-party actions by attempting to create factions.


“The illegal NEC meeting will not, and will not be able to, cause a split in the party.

“Rather, it will assist bolster the ties that bind us together. This attempted internal crisis has demonstrated the leadership’s strength and the NWC’s wisdom.

“We are already on our way to assuming power in 2023, and such actions cannot detract from our progress.

“We urge the youths not to lose sight of the importance of freeing Nigeria from the current state we find ourselves.

“We encourage Nigerian youths to get their PVCs and join our great party in our noble mission of bringing development to the country through competent leaders by 2023.

“We appreciate the public’s trust in us and pledge to Nigeria’s youth that we will continue to advocate for youth participation in the country’s politics and governance.”