Lagos police commissioner reads riot act to officers

ca abiodun alabi
ca abiodun alabi

By Christopher Oji, Lagos

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Abiodun Alabi, has warned officers and men of the Command against accidental discharge and requested tinted glass permits in the state.

The commissioner also warned against extortion of motorists and other road users during stop and search.

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The commissioner, who read the riot act during a tour to Area G, Ogba and H Ogudu Commands, stated: ‘On no account must policemen under my watch must not use stop and search to extort the public. While carrying out your duty, you must not extort people, because I will not tolerate abuse of human rights. Dont ever be involved in unethical behaviour.

‘I also want to warn that bail is free. If you want to work under my Command, you must not collect bail money from anyone. I mean it and I will deal with any officer who collects money for bail because it is free. I also want to warn police officers not to dabble in civil cases and don’t criminalise civil cases. If you are handling civil matters, please, advise the parties to go to court and seek redress, but make sure that you don’t detain people on civil matters.

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‘Another area of great importance is the area of accidental discharge. I don’t want to hear it. There is no excuse for misusing your firearms. Guide your arms jealously because if you misuse it, you will face the consequences of using your arms when you are not supposed to use it. Finally, I want to still reemphasise that the police have banned the issuance of tinted glass permits and it is the instruction of the Inspector-General of Police that policemen should stop requesting tinted glass permits from motorists. If you are caught requesting for tinted glass permit from motorists, you will be dealt with.’


The commissioner who commended the men and officer the Command said he has listened to the challenges of the two Commands, especially that of Red house police station, Iju where officers are operating in a rented apartment and other logistics challenges and would send the complaints to the IGP for action.

‘I want to let you know that the IGP is working assiduously for your welfare. He has successfully achieved the request for the increase in your salary and they are working out modalities for payment. The IGP has also succeeded in making sure that your salaries are not taxed. The Federal Inland Revenue Service and others have been properly briefed on the matter. The police co-operative society has been properly equipped for your good and the police housing scheme is also in your favour. The IGP is rebuilding our barracks and building new ones. I want you to do your jobs diligently as the police authority is doing wonderfully well for your welfare.

‘I am happy to let you know that members of the public are commending you people for the good jobs you are doing. But I want to remind you that you are not there yet. You should synergise with the members of the public and other sister agencies to achieve more results in the area of crime-fighting. You can’t do it all alone. I want to emphasise the synergy between you and other sister agencies because we have one common enemy, criminals. We should join hands to deal with them and fight them to finish.’