Lagos: 2 injured, vehicles affected as rainstorm pulled down billboard 

ef injured vehicles affected as rainstorm pulled down billboard
ef injured vehicles affected as rainstorm pulled down billboard

By Christopher Oji

Many people escaped death by devine intervention when the early morning windstorm pulled down a giant billboard on Oregun road , Ikeja ,Lagos .

However, 2 persons were injured while two vehicles ,a commercial trycicle, and an electric pole were damged.

Also the two sides of Oregun road were blocked by the billboard  which splited into two  parts.

A witness told Daily Sun that the windstorm took everyone one by surprise as the giant billboard came down with a loud bang :” I left home very early in the morning to meet up with an appointment with  a friend who was traveling home and asked me to meet him at Ojota. As we were going , the rain started and everywhere was dark; I decided to park my car at a bus stop and waited for the rain and the windstorm   to subside. As were were waiting, I heard a loud bang. I thought it was a vehicle crash, but I heard people shouting that a billboard had fallen on a car.

” I couldn’t wait ,so I put on  my raincoat  and went to the scene where the fallen billboard has caused serious traffic . Two people were injured,a Toyota Avalon car was  affected; the driver was  among those that were injured. An electricity pole was also affected,while a  tricycle was also affected and the driver sustained injury.


” My happeness is that there was no death recorded, because if the giant billboard had fallen directly on the vehicles, many people would have died. It took hours before the  potions of   the road could be created for vehicles to pass through. They are still clearing the debris”.

According to an official of the National Emergency Management Agency ( NEMA), the affected persons have been taken to the Accident and Emergency Trauma Centre on the Express road.

“The roads have cleared and opened for free flow of traffic . Agencies on ground at the scene  are:NEMA, LASEMA, Lagos State Signages and Advertisement Agency. We are doing everything humanly possible to save the situation.

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