Kanu speaks from detention, appeals for stoppage of killings in S’East, release of ‘Mama Biafra’

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From Okey Sampson, Aba and Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri

Detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has demanded immediate stoppage of the senseless killings going on in the South East.

The IPOB leader, who spoke from the Department of State Security (DSS) detention, equally called for the release of a woman in her 70s, he described as ‘Mama Biafra’ said to have been arrested by the federal secret police.

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Emmanuel Kanu, who relayed his brother’s message, after visiting him in detention, said he was saddened by reports of killings across South East.

He said his brother does not believe in bloodshed and felt too bad that blood suckers had been on the prowl almost unchallenged. He quoted Kanu as saying all those behind the killings in must be held accountable for their atrocities, stressing that Ndigbo were not known for cannibalism.

The IPOB leader also demanded immediate release of Ukamaka Ejezie popularly known as ‘Mama Biafra’, the septuagenarian allegedly arrested during his last court appearance in Abuja on May 18. He said the woman had been acting as his mother since his parents died in 2020.

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The IPOB leader made it clear that the old woman committed no crime for coming to Abuja to show solidarity with him.

“I saw her at the DSS detention cell after her clothes were washed and spread on the wall. I demand that she be released because she committed no crime. She is an old woman and since my mother died, I’ve taken her as my mother. The DSS should release her.”

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The IPOB leader was said to have confirmed the visit of Governor Chukwu Soludo last week as real. He said there was no basis for people to doubt whether he was the person Soludo met, explaining that the Barcelona Club attire he wore during visit was his night wear. Kanu urged all to ensure there is peace in South East, adding that those behind the insecurity in the zone were enemies of the people.

Meanwhile, the pro-Biafran group has vowed to capture and expose hoodlums who beheaded Okechukwu Okoye, one of the state lawmakers,  and deliver them to Governor Soludo.

Angered by the murder of lawmaker and Army couple, who were heading to Imo State, IPOB, in a statement, yesterday, by Emma Powerful, described both incidents as abominable in Igboland.

It also noted that the incident was intentional to rope in IPOB and frustrate release of its leader, and the actualisation of Biafra.

The group, in a statement, wondered why the abduction and killing of the lawmaker occurred a day after Governor Soludo visited their leader in detention when everybody, including IPOB’s members were rejoicing on the attempt made by Soludo to free its leader.

Powerful said: “Governor Soludo must prepare to meet these evil men humiliating and killing our people.

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“We want to also state categorically that contrary to insinuations in some quarters, IPOB could not, in any way, have had anything to do with this abominable act. It is imperative to state here that enemies of Biafra freedom and traitors in our region are seriously pulling all stunts to derail the freedom of our leader and the freedom of Biafra.”

Powerful also accused the Fulani herdsmen who he claimed were disguising in Nigeria security uniforms to commit various criminal acts.

“Those pointing fingers at us are the same people sponsoring the disturbing insecurity in our land. Biafraland has been infiltrated by Fulani terrorists, wearing Nigerian security uniforms and operating under this guise as agents of death and destruction of Biafraland.

“It simply fits into their game plan to accuse IPOB of these horrendous crimes, having failed in their initial plan to destroy the Eastern Security Network (ESN) created to checkmates the excesses of these Fulani marauders hiding in our forests and bushes. But one thing is certain, IPOB will hunt these criminals down either directly or indirectly.

“Those causing confusion and terrorising Nnewi council will hear from us soon. How could criminality and killing of lawmaker bring about the independence of Biafra which IPOB is after? These killers should vacate our land while they still have the opportunity because judgement day is fast approaching.

“IPOB is not in the business of kidnapping or car snatching and has never been and will never be and, therefore, we absolutely has nothing to do with the kidnap of Okoye.

“These kidnappers, kidnapped this man on the day Governor Soludo visited Kanu in the Department of State Services custody and every member of IPOB was very happy because he was the only governor in the whole of Biafraland who summoned the courage to visit our leader in Abuja, since his extraordinary rendition from Kenya to Nigeria.

Similarly, IPOB has reiterated its resolve to protect the Hausa in Igboland.

“We reiterate once again that the Hausa have suffered much in the hands of Fulani like Biafrans and we will not allow any criminal to touch them again, they are free to do their business anywhere they like in our land and those who killed mother and children of Hausa extraction to be ready and wait for us we are coming for them.

“So, it will be an irony to accuse IPOB that welcomed the courage of Soludo in visiting our leader when his brother governors are too afraid to do so, what is it going to benefit us killing the governor’s lawmaker? What will be our gain in such wickedness? IPOB does not give life and we don’t take life.

“They should stop dragging IPOB into something we know nothing about because of their hatred for us and their desire to scuttle the freedom of our leader and freedom of Biafra nation,” he said.

Also, Powerful revealed that its M-branch has uncovered plot by government to destabilise Anambra State and replicate similar insecurity situation witnessed presently in Imo State.