Kaduna train bombing: Insecurity pushing Nigeria to the brink-NAS

abf kaduna airport train attacks
abf kaduna airport train attacks

From Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa

Aftermath the Kaduna train bombing which has claimed eight lives, with many injured and unspecified number kidnapped, the National Association of Seadogs(Pyrates Confraternity) says insecurity is pushing Nigeria to the brink.

According to the association, travelling by road has become dangerous because of kidnappers and travelling by train and plane is giving Nigerians nightmare because of activities of terrorists.

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The NAS Capoon, Mr Abiola Owoaje in a press statement: ‘The twin horrors of Kaduna’ stated that Nigerians do not deserve they are being subjected to by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) is very disturbed by the steadily deteriorating security situation in the country. It is inexcusable that despite previous experiences in which the nation’s security system had been compromised, criminal elements could still find the avenue to inflict unimaginable injury on the psyche of Nigerians with their murderous activities. One is forced to ask what lessons our security operatives had drawn from earlier gaffes which had cost the nation precious human lives and property.”

Owoaje who said the Buhari administration should stop deluding itself with “exaggerated statistics of impressive performance” added that the “feeble handling of the insecurity challenges is already nudging the country towards the list of failed countries.”

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While taking a swipe at state executives for abdicating their responsibilities to govern and are fixated on the permutations for the 2023 general, called “patriotic Nigerians to lend their voices with ours to call on President Buhari to come down from his high horse, roll up his sleeves and save Nigeria from collapsing due to insecurity.”


Owoaje restated previous recommendations for the military and security operatives to invest heavily on technology driven intelligence and equally harped on the “need by all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive security system of our railways to eliminate threats to the railway transport mode”. The statement reads in part: “No effort should be spared to fast track the processes on the integrated security surveillance and monitoring solution to enhance the security on the railway.

“We also restate our position that President Buhari rethinks his reservations about State Police, rally all relevant organs and levels of government to put machinery in motion to urgently explore ways for the actualisation of a well equipped State Police that will be more familiar with the terrain. Our military is clearly overstretched doing the work a robust and well staffed Police system can handle, and such can no longer be sustained.

“There are so many ungoverned territories especially forests in northern Nigeria that need attention. Now is the time to establish the Forest Guards to look after these Forest Reserves and prevent them from being sanctuaries for criminals. More so the capacity and capabilities of Park Rangers should be upgraded to enable them perform optimally and serve as first line of defence against the rampaging terrorists. The President should act fast and prevent terrorists from defeating his government and overrunning the country; Nigerians are really tired of the bloodletting.”