Kaduna govt appeals to media to stop ethnic, religious profiling of bandits, kidnappers

defcdba samuel aruwan x
defcdba samuel aruwan x

From Sola Ojo, Kaduna

The Kaduna State under the leadership of Governor Nasir El-Rufai has made a strong appeal to the media houses and journalists across the country to stop what it called ethnic and religious profiling of criminal elements like bandits and kidnappers.

The state government through the Commissioner, Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, noted that such profiling has been hindering expected success in the fight against criminality in Kaduna, the North West and the country as a whole.

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The commissioner asked the media and journalists to rather educate the populace that criminals are criminals regardless of ethnic, religious or political affiliation and as well support the security agencies and the government at all levels to bring the issue of general insecurity to an end.

Aruwan, who was speaking at a security summit in Kaduna, clarified that ‘banditry is not about the region or religion. The insecurity we face is clear criminality. Terrorists are a threat to humanity in general and can only be tamed when we come together to confront them.

‘The focus of the bandits, wherever they are, is not about the faith, region, ethnicity or political persuasion but the economic viability of their victims. But, when security issues are unfortunately politicised, criminal elements are persuaded to deepen their criminal act.

‘Since 2015, our position as a government is very clear. For example, we believe that if in the course of grazing, animal rearers come under attack, our appeal to them is to recourse to the law. There is no justification for sleeping communities to be attacked.


‘The same applies to the other side when someone goes to the farm and he comes under attack or his farm or farm produce are destroyed, what we want people to do is to recourse to the law. There is no justification for a group of people to be attacked on the basis that they had ethnic, religious or political interests with people allege or suspects to have committed the crime.

‘Certainly, civil society and the media are critical partners to security agencies and the government in tackling security issues.

‘We are appealing to the media to be circumspect and sensitive in looking at the issue that is before us. There is no gain in referring to criminals, bandits or terrorists with ethnic profiling. It does not help the situation. The good, the bad and the ugly are found in all faith, ethnic and political populations.

‘So, we believe that media should help us in helping our citizens to understand the fact that banditry is criminality and people that commit banditry, kidnapping and other atrocities are not doing so in consensus with their ethnicity and faith.

‘We believe that media is very critical and at the centre of it. This means they should help so that we will be able to deal with the criminals in our midst,’ he said.