I’ll use human, material resources to fight poverty in Nigeria, says Tinubu

fedba tinubu
fedba tinubu

From Judex Okoro, Calabar

 The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ahmed Tinubu, has stated that he would use all the human and material resources bestowed  in Nigeria to fight poverty.

Speaking at the South South Town Hall meeting held in Calabar on Tuesday, Tinubu said  education remains the greatest tool to fight poverty.

According to him, when elected, his administration would tap into all the natural resources available to each state of the federation to change the fortune of the country.

The Presidential candidate, however, pointed out that this can only be made possible if people remain united and stop the destruction of what God has deposited in us to attain greatness.

Maintaining that he is the only candidate that is running to be the president while others were mere pretenders, he added:

“Progressively driving Nigeria forward is the only reason why I am running, no other person is running with me.

“Those who say they are running have no degree of honesty in them. They can’t keep to their promises, all they are interested in is to insult me and yet, they don’t have facts.

“I am a wrestler, but I don’t wrestle with the pigs. My concern is only to move Nigeria forward. It’s a pity that we have not made the necessary progress we ought to have achieved as a nation.

“Moving Nigeria forward is a task that must be done. Anger, division, breaking apart will not solve it, it could only be achieved by being together.


“Let us conquer hunger rather than hunger to conquer us. Let’s come together and make great wealth for the nation and the people.

” Nigerians knowingly or unknownly truncate the development and progress of the country with some of the things they do.”

Hailing Cross River as a state that has the potential to be the tourism hub of Africa, he said:

“We will explore all this to earn fortune for the state and the country in general.”

Speaking earlier, Gov. Ben Ayade of Cross River stressed the need for the country to go back to agriculture if the desire to conquer hunger must be achieved and regretted that with its vast land, Nigeria had not attained its full potential agriculturally.

“It is a pity that with our huge cocoa, we are used it to import poverty because we don’t have the industry to add value to the produce.

“The same with our huge bitumen deposit, yet we import bitumen used for road construction.This is why I say that Tinubu is being summoned by God to come and change Nigeria’s narrative as he did in Lagos when he conquer the Atlantic Ocean and many other great things.”