ICSAN dissects Nigeria’s challenges, points way forward 

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By Henry UCHE

A time like this in the history of Nigeria calls for concerted effort to urgently reverse the ugly narrative. Nigeria is passing through a multilayered and multidimensional problems which requires men and women across the divide to expeditiously brainstorm and come up with feasible and sustainable panacea from economic doldrums. 

One thing is to proffer solution, but it’s another thing to accept the advise or otherwise by those on whose shoulders lie the onus take necessary actions geared towards a positive desired change.

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In Nigeria today, it’s conspicuous that any government in power finds it very difficult to buy in /accept the counsel/advise offered by opposition. In most cases, this outright refusal to heed to sound counsel aggravates the economic condition.

Now worried by penury of Nigerians, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators or Nigeria (ISCAN) among other altruistic voices had expressed sadness over the harrowing situation in the country.

The economic indices: The double digits inflation, unemployment, skyrocketing exchange rate, per capita income, declining GDP etc) are proof of mismanagement, maladministration and bad Leadership across board, as no state is exempted from current economic agonies.

At a presidential press parley with ICSAN in Lagos, the president/chairman of council of ICSAN, Mr. Taiwo ’Gbenga Owokalade, frowned at the ongoing ASUU -FG showdown. He said, “It is clear that those handling our education sector lacks the capacity to manage it well,”

According to him, when education sector crumbles, the society is finished. He noted that posterity would not be fair with those (particularly Political leaders) who have not only jeopardized the future of youth but had sacrificed same on the alter of disagreement with academic different Unions at different times. “Any country which toys with its education sector is heading for doom. We therefore call for a State of Emergency in the education sector,”

On the scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS- Fuel) and other petroleum products like gas, diesel, kerosene etc., the ICSAN leader maintained that though oil theft, dilapidated refineries, porous boarders among other factors were some of the factors instrumental for the dearth of the products, howbeit the “lack of Willingness” to take actions over these critical issues remains an albatross.

“Transportation is key for economic viability. With the abundant resources, Nigerians ought not to suffer these hardship. We had people who knows their onions. Professional bodies are churning out solutions to the government, but I think those steering the ship of Nigeria lacks the capabilities. We call on those handling the petrol sector to act fast and ameliorate the plights of Nigerians,”

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Other indicators of failed administration can be traced back to lack of sound corporate government. For this reason ICSAN reiterated its resolve to engage State governments in the country to entrench acceptable corporate governance Practice.


Speaking on the forth coming general elections, he asserted that those who parade themselves as the long expected Messiah of Nigeria (while they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing) should steer clear from the Political space, saying that, “Politics is not an all comer affairs, it’s for those who have the Character, Capacity, capabilities, Charisma and calling to Lead human beings,”

He stressed that Nigeria do not need imposters in politics, adding that it is for people with empathy, compassion and for those with a sense of Humanity in them. “It’s not a do or die affair. There are other ways one can succeed in Life here in Nigeria. Nigeria does not deserve people with duplicitous and deceptive  rhetorics. Electorate should watch out for such People and ask them critical questions,”

Owokalade maintained that Political aspirants must provide proofs that they’re pro -Nigerians and promoters of the Nigeria Project. “We need to know what the man or woman who seeks our vote had done in the past as evidence that he /she supports Nigerian local contents and products just like the new inaugurated governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo has shown. There must be proof of selflessness. We shall not keep silent, ‘the man does when he keeps silent in the face of evil’. We must shun ethnicity, religious, tribal and other sentiments, if we must get out of the woods,”

He challenged the PDP & APC to pick a woman as their Vice Presidential running mate, if they have some regards for women.

On economic revolution, he commended Dangote for his giant strides and tasked other wealthy Nigerians to follow suit, saying: “We appreciate Dangote refinery, but we need to see more of such signature projects across the country. At least it would create employment which automatically reduce crime and boost economy.

“Governor Chukwuma has shown readiness to support indigenous industrialists, entrepreneurs, creators/ Innovators, economists and others. We call on other leaders across board to celebrate our indigenous unsung heroes in the country, it’s incongruous to have people who can produce what we need yet we still import heavily,”

On the foreign scene, as the prices of fuel increases following the war between Russia and Ukraine, he implored federal government to spend the extra revenue judiciously in real time projects and infrastructure like roads, hospitals etc.

On food security, ICSAN helmsman simply asked FG to fix insecurity for farmers to have unhindered access to their farms. “If we can’t feed ourselves, it’s a big challenge. We have all it takes not be anything less than a developed country. Enough of mediocrity and excuses! We must all sit up and make this country habitable for all of us,” he asseverated.