I knew people would judge my appearance on BBN –Arin

Arin Olowoporoku, one of the housemates who were evicted from the show last Sunday has said that even before she went for the show, she knew that people would judge her based on her appearance, particularly the piercings on different parts of her body.

In an interview with , she said, “I definitely did not expect to win. I feel like I know Nigerians enough and I knew they were going to judge me. However, I did not know they were going to ‘villain-ise’ me as much as they did but I definitely knew they were going to judge me. But, I envisaged that I would spend about five or seven weeks in the competition. I left earlier than I expected to leave though but many of the things did not surprise me at all.”

Asked why she expected to be judged, she said, “Of course, (because of) my face and how I look. I am a woman, skinny and dark-skinned. Also, I am very vocal, opinionated and fierce. I have piercings on my face and I’m very expressive. People don’t usually expect that from women, so I knew I was going to be judged. Until people have personal interactions with me, I am a conundrum to them. They don’t understand me but when they come closer, their views of me change.”

Speaking on what inspired her love for piercings, Arin said, “I was young and I really loved to express myself. I wanted to wear jewellery and accessories in unfamiliar and unorthodox places. I just wanted to have piercings and I did. I started when I was 15 and I have not stopped.

“I used to have 23 piercings but I took some out and I now have 17. But, they are not all going to be permanent. It would change from time to time.”


The fashion designer and self-proclaimed feminist also noted that another housemate and current Head of House, Maria, apologised for having a wrong impression of her. She said, “I did not have any friction with Maria. She was, in fact, one of the first girls I connected with. We were friends at the beginning but she later said she thought I was being fake about my friendship with her, so she started being fake with me too. But, she apologised about it. One day, she pulled me aside for a conversation, and apologised after she realised I was being genuine with my friendship with her. I accepted her apology and moved on.”

The former housemate also revealed that she was attracted to quite a number of guys in the house. She said, “I have a list (of people I was attracted to. They are Boma, Saga, Jaypaul and Cross. I thought they were attractive. Me and Boma usually flirted and made sexual jokes.”

On if she would have acted on those attractions if she had stayed longer in the house, she said, “No, (I wouldn’t have). I kissed Boma once though when we drank during a Saturday night party. I don’t think I would have taken it any further.”

Asked if she enjoyed the kiss, Arin said, “I was drunk, so I don’t know. The bar was pretty low. However, I loved the parties. Those were some of my favourite times because I had so much fun. Everybody let loose and were not on their guards. That’s one of the things I would miss the most.”