I feel sick whenever I’m not working — Entrepreneur

joy eghebi
joy eghebi

I attended Ritlad Primary School in Meiran, Lagos, for my elementary education. For my secondary education, I attended two schools— Anthony’s International School, and His Grace School.

I went on to study Print Journalism at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

Yes, I once worked at as an intern. I also worked at Nigeriafilms as an entertainment blogger and contributor.

I was a contributor for few media houses as a journalist and as a student, I also had my own blog where I write and advertise for businesses. Gradually, the flair for mass communication grew and I devoted a lot of energy to it. I also wanted people to make sales through my blog, and I did all the publicity I could to make that happen.

I help businesses to grow through digital strategies such as placing advertisements, creating online presence through social media, and coaching people on marketing strategies to put in place to grow online.

It is basically coaching services. We are very much focused on coaching because we realised that businesses love to have in-house staff who they can pay on monthly basis to make sure they are very visible online. But most times, they hardly implement or do it the right way. So, we train business owners and their staff on how to grow their businesses.

I had always wanted my own business right from when I was in school. I did not want to leave school and start job hunting. That was why when I was in school, I joggled between internships and jobs to get all the experience I needed to get myself ready for the business world.

It is a funny story because I did not really start with my own money. My father bought me a laptop when I was in the university and I used it for blogging. I still have that computer with me nine years later and it is still working perfectly. Together with that laptop, I just got Internet subscription and that was all. Basically, my start-up capital was about N10,000.

There is a whole lot of difference. Perhaps, that is why I pull the kind of crowd I pull.

I am really keen on implementation and accountability. So, I am the accountability partner (of the firms I work with) when it comes to carrying out marketing for their businesses and getting results.


One major challenge is poor Internet connection. However, really I do not consider challenges as a big deal because I believe they are meant to be surmounted, and I end up not remembering any one of them.

However, another challenge is unknowingly promoting someone who is a fraudster.

I find customers online through paid advertising on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

It is a community where entrepreneurs buy and sell, advertise and network with one another.

I do that through word of mouth, and by advertising online.

Never. I actually feel sick whenever I am off work.  I cannot quit this business, and I have never even thought of it.

It has been very profitable and impactful. However, for me, it is not all about money. The interest of the businesses I work with comes first.

It is my intention to own the biggest digital marketing and advertising agency in Africa, and make global impact right here from Nigeria.

I have enjoyed massive support since I started the business and I can tell you for a fact that nobody functions well without a great support system. My family and friends have been very supportive since I started the business.

Most times, people do not know that certain things they consider to be irrelevant can influence their business. Also, it is important to never stop advertising one’s business. As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as too much advert, except one is tired of making money.

Of course, I cannot completely rule God out in whatever success I have achieved.

They should pick a niche and concentrate on it. I found a niche and introduced some new ideas of doing things. Don’t do everything. Rather, pick an area and be very good at it.

It is generally believed that ‘customers are always right’, but for me, if a customer is being unduly difficult, I would also let them know I am a human being too, albeit in a polite way. However, I have not had a lot of experience in that regard. My customers have been very good to me.

I have a total of 20 employees who work both remotely and on-site.