I feel better acting bad girl character 

By Christian Agadibe

Star actress, Chinenye Uyanna always looks stunning acting pregnant woman even though she’s still single.

Recently, Uyanna took to her Instagram page to showcase a baby bump, a role she played in her new movie, Jackie’s Baby Bump. Ironically, in this rare interview, the actress cum movie producer opens up on why she cannot act romantic or sexual roles. Here are excerpts:

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What are you currently working on?

I am working on having my own production outfit. And I am supposed to start a job on February 12, and I will also be producing a lot of films this year.

What was the first movie you produced?

It’s called Time, starring Mike Ezuronye and a lot of other popular acts. The second one is titled Mended Heart. I also acted in it. Both movies are on TV and YouTube channels. So, I have done three movies. The other one, Baby Bump will come out this month.

Which among these movies is your favourite?

All of them are doing great, even though Mended Heart is doing wonderfully well on YouTube. Of course, all my babies are doing great. My movies are my babies.

Which of the characters gave you a tough time?

I think it is Baby Bump; it is not easy to be pregnant in movies. Carrying that belle for long was really challenging, and the same thing happened in Jackie`s Baby Bump, which would be out in February.

How can you describe the acceptance of the movie?

Time and even Mended Heart are doing great. A lot of people love the storyline as it is all about ‘for better for worse’ between partners, and there are lessons to be learnt. So, I will advise you to go watch it.

How challenging was it producing movies after recovering from the COVID-19 saga?

Really, everything was okay; we kept to the rules, we used hand sanitizer and facemasks.

How do you manage to combine both roles as producer and actor?

It is not that difficult if you have able hands. Uche Ibunabu, my producer really helped. I think people that complain are those that want to carry everything on their heads, there should be people assisting you. So, for me, all I do is bring out the money for the production, then relax and shoot.

What can you say has changed in the industry?

We are growing; it is not how you were as a baby that you are now as an adult. As for me, I’m not sentimental; everyone that comes for my shoot must behave him or herself, even if we are friends or colleagues or family members.

Can you say that young actresses constitute a sort of threat to you?

Nobody is a threat to me. The earth is too big for everybody, and knowing that you cannot be in every movie, but can only do what you can do. What I bring to the table is different from what you bring to the table, so we all have different talents and ideas. Nobody is a threat to me and I am equally not a threat to anybody. I do my thing and focus on myself and work.

What can you say about comedy skits that seem to be taking over Nollywood?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Comedy is comedy. When it comes to comedy, it’s not even up to 10 minutes, it is something to laugh at and move on. But when you want something to learn from, obviously, it’s a movie. Even people no longer pay for cables but go on YouTube to watch their movies. So, we cannot say social media is taking over Nollywood, as it can only take a few minutes of skits. However, both are two different things. I do cartoon skits myself and I know a lot of people don’t know that.


Have you ever done any movie involving romantic or sexual scenes?

I always tell producers not to bother involving me in such movies, because I cannot do it. And I think everybody around me is used to it. If there is no lesson that people can take home from a movie, then there is no need doing it. You know, a lot of people keep complaining about Nollywood films.

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Can you say Nollywood films are making an impact in Nigerian politics?

Yes, a lot of things are happening, and thank God for social media, especially during the #EndSARS protest of October 2020. A lot of people came out to lend their voices, including celebrities who used their platforms in terms of speaking out.

Has acting denied you of anything?

Not at all, acting cannot deny me of anything, because my fame came with favours.

Would you encourage any of your children to join the movie industry?

Of course, I would like my daughter to feature in Nollywood if that is what she wants.

What can you say about female celebrities flaunting their big cars, houses on social media?

How do you know I don’t have big cars? That I don’t post things on social media does not mean I do not have something. I don’t need anybody to congratulate me on anything. And I don’t think it’s just me, I think a lot of the male celebrities are also buying big cars, even if they don’t post them. I can even say the actors are doing far better than the female ones; it’s just that we ladies like to show off.

What’s your take on cheating husbands and their wives retaliating by also indulging in extra-marital affairs?

Well, I don’t know about that. For me, I would not do such. We just have to come to terms with whatever situation we find ourselves and have forgiven spirit, realising that nobody is perfect. But if you cannot do that, you move on; marriage is not a do-or-die affair.

Going forward, what should your fans expect from you?

They should expect more films, more endorsements, and more everything good. With God on my side, a lot of good things will happen this year.

What other projects are you into?

I started my Foundation last year and there would be more outreaches this year. My Foundation is about reaching out to children, the young ones and the less privileged. So, you guys should watch out.

We don’t see you nowadays acting the bad girl character, any reason for this?

I do both. I started with the bad girl character. Sometimes I think they just look at your face and know what kind of person you are. I feel I do better when I’m acting the bad girl character, like a nagging wife, a troublesome sister etc.

Can you recall the experience of your first kiss in movies?

No, I can’t remember. How would you even remember something that is just an act?