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I dropped out of school to face football – Mizo

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Yes, the hat-trick kind of set me up on a pedestal that has made my target more achievable every day. I have scored four goals since then and I believe the first three which was the hat-trick in the first game against Akwa United was a boost. In fact, it has made me more in and out of the country. The congratulations were massive from friends, family and well-wishers after the game. I felt massive love and it was just a few days after I marked my 23rd birthday.

Not really, I just wanted us to win the game being our first game of the season and it was at home. It would have been bad to start the season at home without a win in the presence of our fans. After scoring the equaliser, I knew there was the possibility of scoring a hat-trick but it was first about my team winning. Eventually I got my third goal and the team’s fourth while another teammate also scored the fifth.

For me it’s just to take it a game at a time and see how I can continue to score whenever I have the opportunity to. It’s not just going to end here, so more goals are expected.

No pressure at all because the team comes first. I won’t feel any pressure if the team is performing. Sure, I have a set target just for the first round first, so I just want to push and see if I can achieve that then apply the same pressure or even more in the second round.

Like I said I won’t feel the pressure of scoring or not even scoring if the team is performing. We’re currently not where we want to be as a team in the NPFL table. We will fight harder and give in all our energy as a team to change the results in the coming matches.

Honestly, my goal was to be the highest goal scorer last season but it didn’t happen. However, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I made a name for myself and my team retained its NPFL status so we are good. We have another chance to make things better individually and as a team.

This is what I have always wanted in the NPFL. The dream of playing the 20-team NPFL is to play the full league and get that feeling, the journeys, teams, fans and all that makes Nigerian football sweet. Last season, there were some derbies and fixtures that didn’t come to life because the teams were not in the same group. But this season is not going to be like that so I am looking forward to enjoying the full season.

The journeys are too stressful, especially to the north. It’s funny how one will be on the road for two days for a match and the supporters are expecting a good result from the team after such a journey. Well, I love travelling but don’t like long journeys. Anytime we are going for a game I just see a movie or two on the road or probably listen to music if I feel like. I also discuss with my guys, make some jokes and laugh over it and I also try to know a thing or two whenever I’m travelling.

That’s one thing I can’t really say because I haven’t played against all the defenders. I only played against few but for me I will say Rivers United defender Temple Emekayi because he had a better day when we played them in Port Harcourt.

Growing up wasn’t easy for me, but I’m grateful to God for the kind of parents I have, they always wanted us to be better than them, so they did everything possible for us to be comfortable and be useful to society. I used to be a goalkeeper for my elder brother’s team then he was one of the best strikers. But there was one time my primary school played against another school, we had someone that was known to be a good goalkeeper and the team wasn’t complete so I was asked to play as an outfield player. We lost 8-7 but I scored four goals, so after that game I decided to continue as a striker.

My dad actually beat my elder brother and I each time we returned from playing football, because he wanted us to go to school and not play football. They used to say that in the history of the community, (Imiringi in Ogbia Local Government) – no single person has achieved or succeeded in football. Nothing changed until a man that my dad respected so much persuaded him to allow us play, and then a few months later he started to get news that his children were doing well and scoring goals. However, he still wanted us to go to school but I had a different plan for myself that I wanted to push and see how far I could go. I became the best in my community and local government and I was invited to a new team in my local government named George Turnah FC. We played in the Nationwide League One for two seasons. I scored about eight goals in 14 games, that’s how my career started.

Not so far. I did secondary school and also tried to push ahead to achieve an NCE certificate but dropped out because the financial burden was much on my parents and I felt like I wanted to play football so I could support my parents and the family. While in College of Education, Omoku, Rivers State now University of Education Omoku, things were so tough that I once drank Garri for like three straight days. So, one day I told them to allow me push this football career and they felt disappointed. They thought I would be wayward, so I promised I wouldn’t disappoint them.

They are proud of their son now. I also want to keep putting smiles on their faces and give them the good life they deserve.

Well, I haven’t decided yet because for real I want to push my football career harder.  What I mean is I’m looking forward to another level and achieve some more goals in football. By then, I would want to bag a certificate or two. But for now, my career is my priority.

I actually wanted to become an engineer so I was studying Elect/Elect Engineering. I was in my second year before I left school.

For me I’m not in a rush for anything, if the opportunity comes it’s fine. I want to represent my country someday. So, I want to keep working hard and be ready for such an opportunity.

In Bayelsa United my closest friends are Stephen Wisdom and Edwin Ayiba. We are more like brothers and partners in all we do. We are roommates, we also do our personal training together, fun activities as well. From other teams are Ebedebiri Endurance and Alex Oyowah from Rivers United then Taiwo Abdulrafiu of Sunshine Stars.

It’s a thing of joy to know the league is improving every day, now the league being streamed live and televised will help our supporters, friends, well-wishers and family to watch an away game or even home if they can’t make it to the stadium and also people outside the shores of Nigeria can as well follow the league and player can easily be scouted… so it’s a good one for me.

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