How I landed my first acting role – Actor Oribhabor

eae orhibhabor
eae orhibhabor

Actor, Dickson Oribhabor, popularly known as Baido for his bad guy role in the popular ‘Gen Z’ series, ‘Far from Home’, produced by Inkblot Productions and released on the movie streaming platform, Netflix, has narrated how he landed his first acting role.

The actor, in an exclusive chat with Midweek Entertainment, described how he got his first shot at acting as a funny experience, adding that it was through modelling that he got into acting.

He said, “How I delved into acting was a funny one. One Saturday night, an agent whom I had met once, sent me an address on WhatsApp. I immediately went to the allocated address on Sunday and it turned out that it was the location for a commercial shoot.

“The funny thing is that people, whom I met there, had auditioned for the commercial and some had been picked already but I never auditioned nor was I picked before that day.

“I didn’t know if it was a mistake or not, I just blended with the crowd, someone even approached me and asked me to sit with those that had been picked. I sat with them and did everything with them, and


all along, I wasn’t even a part of them. It was astounding.

“One of the costume designers asked me to try on a costume and the next thing I knew, someone called the attention of those that

hadn’t signed the contract with the agency, and I stepped forward to sign the contract.”

On that same set, Oribhabor said he met a guy, one Kingsley, who demanded his picture and sent it to a guy known as BBC, who worked as a continuity announcer, adding that BBC sent his picture to the producer of a movie, ‘My wife and I’, Emeka Duru.

“And that was how I landed my first acting gig. I was picked for the minor role but that was how it started. The lowest I’ve been paid for a movie is N3,000 and it was for a short film.

“It was understandable because the producer was just starting then and for the love of it, I also had to remain. There were a lot of discouraging things but my eyes have always remained on the prize, which is getting to the peak of my career,” Oribhabor said