Homeopaths need an independent body – Dr Obia



Like the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria that oversees the Medical and Dental practice, Homeopathic Medicine practitioners in Nigeria are demanding that a separate council should be created for them.

A Lagos- based Homeopath, Dr Precious Obinna Godwin Obia made the demand in Lagos while speaking on the importance of Homeopathic medicine practice.

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He said though the Federal Government has started giving attention to Homeopathic Medicine practice in Nigeria by looking into its regulation, as contained in the Decree 78 of 1992, which gives power and authority to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria to regulate the practice of Homeopathic medicine, it is important that Homeopathy is given a separate Council or Board of it’s own because it’s principle of practice , is different from that of traditional medicines and other forms of complementary and alternative medicines. So, Homeopaths are not happy to be merged with traditional medicines.”

Obia was hopeful that with the passing of the TCAM bill into law, by the National Assembly , things will change for good and it will upgrade the practice of Homeopathy. “There will also be proper regulation and recognition.”

Obia who is the Medical Director of Progobia Specialist Homeopathic Medical Clinic Lagos, explained that pharmaceutical remedies are not easily found in the normal pharmaceutical shops in Nigeria for now because the cost of importation of some of the finished products is high and not easy, so majority of the homeopaths in Nigeria are practicing what is called Electronic Homeopathy, which has to do with the use of radionic equipments that have monitors, while some inculcate the modern computer technology.


He explained that with the aid of radionic computers, tests can be conducted on patients with precise results, and then treatment can be meted out. “Again, preparation in Homeopathic Electronic Medicine is simple and understandable in Science.Other forms of homeopathy like Classical or Orthodox also exist, but not yet in Nigeria.”

Obia noted that some Nigerian Doctors who studied Homeopathic Pharmacy can get their crude drugs from plants, animals and mineral kingdom, potentize them in a Homeopathic way manually by titration and polarization. “These are the accurate way through which the drugs can receive potency and power, so that the dosage can be regulated.”

On the discrepancy between Homeopathy and Orthodox medicines, Obia buttressed that while Orthodox medicines deals with the principle of Contrary, Contraries, Correntum (using drugs that have opposite symptoms to treat natural diseases that have opposite symptoms). “In Orthodox medicine, the symptoms of the natural disease and that of the drugs are not exactly alike, they are opposite. But in Homeopathy, the symptoms of the natural diseases and that of the artificial diseases which is the medicine are similar. So, in Homeopathy, we search for the remedy that will contain all the symptoms that the natural disease has. Homeopathy also takes into consideration the mental stress of the individual’s physical, spiritual and emotional stress.

“All are called wholistic practice, which means ; treating the whole being, organs, system, tissues and all internal aspects of human being.”

According him, health challenges like stroke , diabetes, fibroids, liver, kidney, heart diseases, high and low blood pressure, menstrual problems, pile, infertility cases, asthmatic cough, infections, ulcers, sickle cell anaemia, visual problem, prostate enlargement etc are easily and effectively handled with a proper Homeopathic diagnosis and treatment. “