Gospel artistes shouldn’t praise people in songs – Janet Oduwoye

Gospel singer, Janet Oduwoye, has said that gospel artistes should desist from showering praises on human beings in their songs. She also said there was nothing wrong with gospels singers dressing flamboyantly.

In an interview with she said, “I believe there is nothing bad in dressing flamboyantly because the way one dresses is the way one would be addressed. However, what one wears must be in accordance with the life of Christ and the gospel. It must not deviate from that.

“I also think that gospel artists should avoid singing seasonal songs. Their songs should remain evergreen for generations to come. Also, artistes should not mix secular and gospel songs. Gospel songs should be such that they would give people true salvation and repentance. Gospel singers should also desist from praise domination. It is not right to shower praises on human beings in their albums, except when they are invited for special events. God should be placed first and all glory should be given to Him alone.”

Oduwoye also noted that there was a huge gap between the gospel songs of these days and the past. She added, “I knew that gospel music was my calling from childhood but my granddad wanted me to face my academics instead. The difference is clear between gospel music of nowadays and those of years past. Gospel music in those days were inspirational. If anybody with problems listened to those old gospel songs, their problems would be gone. Thankfully, there is still music like that but not as much as before.”