Girls, virginity doesn’t end at 18 or 20

aface temilolu okeowo new
aface temilolu okeowo new

I have been following your articles for some time now and every one of it encourages me to remain chaste until marriage! Your advice has been helping me so dearly. I can remember many times when I wanted to have a second thought about keeping to myself but my senses get back to normal whenever I come across your advice. You have played a motherly role in my life and I am so grateful. May God bless and keep you for me.

I am 18 years old and something has been bothering me since I knew myself! When I was around between six and nine years (I can’t really remember the exact age), I was sexually abused by my father’s servant then. He was a teenager. He would come to sleep with me. Then, I never knew what he was doing as I didn’t know anything about sex. I didn’t even find it necessary to tell anyone, I was just allowing him to have his way. But I can still remember that I never saw anything like blood whenever he got into the act. I don’t know if he was having the sex in the right way because he was young then and probably did not know how to do it. But in every sense of this, I never saw anything like blood and it makes me more confused as to if I’m still a virgin or not.

When I started growing into fully knowing myself, I hated myself. I started regretting why such a thing ever happened. I wished I was able to speak up. I wished my dad never had servants. I wished I was conscious of what I was doing then and I always wished then was now. I always cry whenever I remember such a scenario because deep down I wanted to be pure from birth. I wanted to make sure that no one ever touched me. But right now ma’am, I don’t know if my virginity is still intact. I have said that I will go for a virginity test when I have to. I have not told anyone, not even my parents are aware of this till now. I promised to keep it to myself but I was persuaded to talk to you about it. Since my childhood experience, I promised never to get involved in premarital sex and I have not engaged in it up till now! I have been keeping myself and I will continue keeping myself. I want to remain chaste but I’m only sad about my childhood experience ma’am.

 Also, people tell me that it’s because I’m still young that’s why I’m still remaining chaste, that it will get to a stage where the urge is much and I will get tired and give in, that they always believe that virginity ends at between 18 and 20 years. I always oppose their opinions and tell them how false it is but they keep telling me that I’m just saying it because I have yet to grow older to understand what they are saying. What do you think ma? Because sometimes I try to reason with them but later on I refuse to be deceived. It’s giving me a double thought. In all of this, I remain chaste and God has been helping me. I actually have a lot more to talk to you about, I really need your advice in other areas of my life, but first you have to reply to this one.


My darling Joy,

Why are you grieving over a past that has gone with the wind and allowing the devil oppress you for what you know nothing about? Why in the world would you go for a virginity test? I doubt the guy slept with you because at such a young age, you would have felt so much pain and seen a lot of blood except you weren’t born with a hymen. Even then your body would have reacted with a lot of pain. I take it that you are still a virgin and most of all I believe God sees you as one! Please face your fantastic future and stay chaste till marriage! May God empower you in Jesus name!

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

Happy new year to you all. I pray for you with all my heart that you will not miss the wonderful rewards that will fall on the laps of the sexually-pure on a silver platter this year in Jesus’ mighty name! I have so much to share with you that’ll change your mindset and believe me, transform your lives forever this year. However, to start with, I’d like to let you know this is one year you should mind the type of counsels you take and the sort of people who influence you! The world gets worse by the day and I tell you if you start engaging in sex by 18, I can assure you, you’ll turn to “nonsense” before you are  21. I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Please stay tuned!

To be continued

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