A budding singer, Gift Afele, aka Giftty, has expressed his excitement about exploring new themes and messages different from his usual content in his new song titled, ‘Where Do We Go’.

He told , “Where do we go’ is one of those questions everyone at some point in their lives wonder about. Compared to my other songs, I wanted to talk about something different from the norm. I wanted to pass a message that people should not worry about the things they cannot control.”

The singer also stated that he often creates music based on his mood. He said, “My strength in music is my voice and melody. My music is a fusion of different genres of music, such as soul, RnB, afro-pop, afro-soul, and afro-fusion. I actually create music based on my mood. I don’t like putting myself in a box. I am very versatile.”

Reflecting on his journey in the entertainment industry, the artiste said, “I am just focused on myself and what I can control, which is making quality and enjoyable music. I am blessed that my label, Fascino Entertainment, is giving me the support I need to succeed.”

Giftty added that his long-term goal was to keep making good music, have multiple number one hit songs, tour the world, and be able make a living off his gift as an artiste. He added, “My short-term plan is to make sure everyone listens to my recent Extended Play album titled, ‘Golden Boy’.”