General Overseer of UCCI charges Christians to work in Christ footsteps

f bishop dr ezennaya egbo x
f bishop dr ezennaya egbo x

By Chinelo Obogo, Lagos

The General Overseer of the United Church of Christ International (UCCI), Bishop (Dr) Ezennaya Egbo, has charged Christians the world over to imbibe the principles of Christ as the light of the world for a better society.

The bishop made the call during his maiden episcopal visit to the Western District II Headquarters in Ikeja area of Lagos State for the “Greater Glory” programme, which runs from Friday March 25 to Sunday March 27 this year.

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In his message to Christians, he highlighted the significance of being the salt of the earth. ‘You can’t appreciate the beauty of lights without darkness, which is trying to engulf the whole world,’ he said. ‘As Christians and light, if we come forth and shine, darkness will give way.’

He implored believers to go back to the Bible and carefully follow the precepts of Jesus Christ and become the light of the world. ‘Things will be better if we do so,’ he stated.

Among the principles, the GO harped on righteousness. This is as he sternly cautioned against bribery and corruption among others. According to him, applying these standards of Jesus Christ will propel better things.

Addressing the media, he revered God as great at all times despite the global turbulence. And with the ongoing three days programme, Egbo described it as a season of divine visitation to the hurt and the entire nation.


‘The glory of the Lord is going to fall like never before. People are going to be blessed spiritually. They are going to be blessed financially,” promising that participants would be blessed in every aspect of human needs. God is more than that and he’s going to meet them this time around,’ he declared.

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As the nation and war continues to face chaotic times, the GO declared liberation and peace upon the Russo-Ukrainian war.

‘What we are going through in the world today, with the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and Russia among others, God is still there. He is the God of order,’ he stated.

While also noting that revival is coming down, the Bishop assured journalists that God would arrest every operation of mischief among people.

‘The bound will be broken. There’s going to be liberation, salvation, prosperity, and total blessing upon the land,’ he vowed.

The Host Pastor, Roland Ukah, a Reverend, acknowledged that the Bishop is going around the world to impact lives.

He expressed that this programme would be a positive rise in spiritual activity coupled with unlimited revival, and great awakening among God’s people.