Gaddafi resurrects as Africans blame ‘evil NATO’

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was literally reawakened from the dead on Saturday as Africans called out “Evil NATO’, former U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

France, Britain, as NATO members were also called out for joining NATO in supporting Libyan rebels, who eventually toppled Qaddafi in 2011.

NATO conducted many airstrikes on Libyan targets and eventually on 20 October 2011, Gaddafi was killed like a dog by the rebels fighting him.

Libya has not known peace since then.

On Saturday Gaddafi trended on Twitter amid the ongoing war in Ukraine and NATO’s stance against Russia.

Commenters were of the view that NATO would leave Ukraine worse the way it left Iraq and Libya.

Here are the Twitter comments on NATO, the West and Gaddafi:

Libya was the world’s poorest country in 1951, but Gaddafi made it Africa’s most developed country with $150 billion foreign reserves and zero debt. Under Muammar Gaddafi, Libya had one of the world’s strongest currencies. What were the things Libya would never forget about him?

— African Hub (@TheAfrican_Hub) March 5, 2022

The west always fool Africans. They called Gaddafi dictatorship. But his dictatorship made Libya best economy in Africa. Dictatorship of putin made Russia world powerful country. Dictatorship of Xi of China made their country best economy & powerful country.

— Ogagaoghene (@UzemeOghene) March 5, 2022

It’s 11 years now and we, Africans still doesn’t know what happened to Libya’s gold.

Tons of gold were found in Libya after NATO killed Gaddafi.

Today, Libya is still poor but NATO remains wealthy.

NATO and USA, where is Libya’s gold??#UkraineRussianWar #Russia North Korea

— Adichie’s shadow 🕵🏾‍♂️ (@brightinDarkk) March 5, 2022

This Great Gaddafi Man was not sick. He did not have accident. The EVIL NATO backed by America lead by Barack Obama killed Gaddafi. His only offense is that he wants a better United Africa. They killed him and stole all his gold stockpile. If you condemn Russia you’re an Evil.

— mubarak auwal (@mubarak_arc) March 5, 2022

Joe Biden is planning to use $7 billion of frozen Afghan assets to compensate victims of 9/11. None of the attackers were from Afghanistan. The money belongs to Afghans not Americans.

Gaddafi. #UkraineUnderAttaсk. #IStandWithPutin

— Andile Gogoda® (@AndileGogoda) March 5, 2022

The mainstream media would never tell you these. All you would hear is that Hillary Clinton, Obama and NATO killed Muammar Gaddafi because he was a bad man.

Who is the bad individual here, Muammar Gaddafi or the west?

— African Hub (@TheAfrican_Hub) March 5, 2022

Muammar Gaddafi committed some crimes, but what he did in Libya, how many African leaders or presidents can boast of his achievements?

— African Hub (@TheAfrican_Hub) March 5, 2022

All African presidents sold out Muammar Gaddafi. Well Xi Jinping, Ebrahim Raisi, Kim Jong-un will not sell out Vladimir Putin! And USA knows is not the military power it purports to be.

— mpho morolane (@MphoMorolane) March 4, 2022

“Who gave Nato the right to kill Gaddafi ? ” ~ Vladimir Putin

— Africa Archives ™ (@Africa_Archives) March 3, 2022

Gaddafi, Arab summit. On Iraq. Murdered in US #NATO regime change war. #Libya

— Steve Brown (@newsypaperz) February 28, 2022

Gaddafi gave up his chemical weapons, but Hilary Clinton laughed; ‘We came we saw he died.’ Gaddafi was a leader of Libya, and it doesn’t matter what you thought of him while he was leading Libya, you couldn’t buy slaves at the market as you can currently do in Libya

— Marion Alice (@marion1_alice) March 4, 2022

Never forget

Russia’s President Putin was almost the only one among World Major Powers who criticised Gaddafi’s murder and bloody INVASION of Libya by NATO in 2011

He also condemned the destruction of infrastructure in Libya. “Who gave NATO the right to Bomb Libya?” He asked

— Lord Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai) February 27, 2022