Funeral procession for Aregbesola in Alimoso [Photos, Video]

Since 1999, Rauf Aregbesola, minister of the interior was the undoubted leader in Alimoso, the largest local government in Lagos state.

But that has now become part of the myth of history after Alimoso politicians trooped out today to celebrate his political demise.

With placards and banners, and two coffins, hundreds of political activists marched through Alimosho streets in a funeral procession. A woman wears a T-shirt with message for AregbesolaPolitical coffins for Aregbesola

Drumming, singing, they burnt the effigies inside the wooden coffins, virtually cremating ‘Aregbesola’, a practice not common among Yoruba.

Final disaffection for Aregbesola in Alimoso was triggered by the chain of events in Osun state, where Aregbesola took to the podium to ridicule former Lagos governor and his leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


In Osun, Aregbesola also vowed to stop Governor Gboyega Oyetola from getting the second term ticket of the All Progressives Congress.All against Aregbesola and his proxy in AlimosoAlimoso protesters against Rauf Aregbesola

But as it turned out, Aregbesola was a mere political paper tiger.

His candidate was thoroughly trounced in the Osun APC primary on 19 February.

The immediate implication was Aregbesola’s demystification as a political force in Osun.

The second was his loss of his base in Lagos, especially in Alimoso, where he had dictated political decisions for more than two decades.

Aregbesola finally laid to rest in Alimosho Lagos today.

— Hon. Olanrewaju Solomon A. (@Solomonwhite023) February 20, 2022