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Francis Van-Lare reveals the truth about ‘720 ladies he has slept with’

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Francis Van-Lare reveals the truth about ‘720 ladies he has slept with’

US based Nigerian, Francis Van-Lare: reveals the truth about the names of 720 ladies he claimed he had slept with that went viral last December

Published By: Ayorinde Oluokun

By Nehru Odeh

Francis Van-Lare, the US based Nigerian who set the internet on fire in December 2023, when he released the names of the 720 ladies he claimed he had slept with since 1970 has opened up.

The 70-year-old Francis Van-Lare, who received bashing from Nigerians for releasing that list in batches took to his Facebook page on Saturday 30 March 2024 to say that those names were not real, as they were AI generated.

According to him, as they say in Nigerian slang, he was just catching cruise.

Francis also used the opportunity to lambaste Nigerians, saying they don’t think.

Francis Van-Lare wrote: “After I posted that my poi list in December 2023 , I realized that Nigerians do.not think . Anyway the smart babe traveling with me who even advised me to ask AI to generate different tribes first and last names instead of first names only to avoid confusion told me that she also would have believed it if she was not sitting next to me while theee names were being generated by AI .

“I told a babe who asked me about it yesterday which man remembers 720 names of women he had poied ? Do you know how many women who have slapped me for not remembering I poied them when they see me and say hello to me and I ask if we know each other before ?”

It would be recalled that Francis stirred the hornet’s nest in December 2023 when he promised to release the names of all the ladies he had slept with since 1970.

Not only did he make good that promise on social media, his action elicited a lot of reactions from Nigerians. Many criticized him for making open what supposed to be confidential. They also lambasted him for taking such an action, considering his age. He even went further to release some photos of the ladies.

“I am compiling the names of all the women I have poied since 1970 . The first one is Felicia and I published her story on my wall. She even got my mum fired because she will not give her kpekus to the Doctor who owned the hospital they both worked and the Doctor was mad that it was small me that she chose to poi,” he said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, December 6.

“Have your data ready Dec 7 and you see their names and photos. If I have poied you and you do not see your name on the list please inbox me to edit it and add your name. If your poi was memorable then I will add it,” Francis had said.

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