For a Saner Society: Everyone is involved- Group Affirms

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By Henry Uche

For us to have a saner and better Socio-economic and Political environment where everyone could live and lead a life worthwhile, everyone must be involved in the change-making process. This was the firm believe of Ashoka—Innovators (an international nonprofit organization which builds and cultivates communities of change leaders to create that desired world). 

At a media Conference in Lagos with the #EverydayChangemaking, #EveryoneAChangemaker, the Director, Ashoka Anglophone West Africa, Josephine Nzerem, maintained that the world now requires everyone  in the world (despite differences) to be a changemaker if we must see that desired living environment.

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According to her, in other to realize this vision of “Everyone a Changemaker”, the media (TV, radio, publishers, newspapers, blogs, social media, influencers, content creators, etc.) must play a frontline role as Champions of the EACH movement.

“For the past 41 years, Ashoka has pioneered the field of Social Entrepreneurship and has supported social entrepreneurs and changemakers in shifting mindsets and transforming societies across all regions of the world.

“With “Everyone Is a Changemaker” We believe that the world will surely be a much better place when every Nigerian, every African, and everyone world-over realizes and owns their power to contribute to the common good of all.

Nzerem stressed that the only way to shift the mindset of 200 million Nigerians, 1.3 billion Africans, and 7.9 billion people globally and help the world to step out as powerful creators in the new reality is when the media takes a lead in sharing EACH key messages, stories, interviews, dialogues, documentaries, activities, and programmes with diverse audiences, noting that Changemaking is the new education and the superpower of the 21st century.

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“The changemaking skills which set every child and every young person apart and help them thrive in the new world defined by change, complexity, and uncertainty are: Empathy; New Leadership; and Open, fluid Team-of-Teams. As such, every parent, guardian, teacher, publisher, media practitioner, policymaker, public officer, youth leader, farmer, business man or woman, professional, and all adults owe a responsibility to the younger generation to help them along on their journey to master changemaking skills, and start creating solutions for their families, schools, communities and society,” she added.

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On his  part, the vice president of the group, Okey Uzoechina, reiterated that  it takes a village to raise a child; it takes an ecosystem to shift mindsets; while it takes a systems-change approach to shift society into the new reality.

He posited that for the above reasons,  Ashoka deemed it imperative to partner with media, publishers, teachers, students, schools, schools of education, young people, youth leaders, the government, the private sector, organizations, and communities who are already reaching everyone daily across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

“Together, we co-design and co-lead the “Everyone a Changemaker” movement. We seek to inspire and empower everyone by sharing and widely disseminating the EACH vision and mission, key messages, real-life stories of young changemaking, videos, and useful Changemaking tools and resources which benefit everyone.

“By bringing together co-leaders of the “Everyone a Changemaker” movement to share ideas and strategize together, we are also building trust among our Revolutionary Core of co-leaders and enabling cross-cutting relationship and networking among partners,” he averred.