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Fire guts Anambra timber market

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Two separate fire outbreaks have occurred at the Timber Market in Nnewi and behind the Sinai Gas Plant in Awka, the Anambra State capital.

The two incidents, which occurred at different times on Tuesday, burnt for several hours, but were controlled by the intervention of the men of the Anambra State Fire Service.

The state Fire Chief, Martin Agbili, said the Timber Market, Nnewi fire incident, which started at about 11:30 am on Tuesday was battled till about 5:30 pm while the fire incident near the Sinai Gas Plant, Awka started at about 9.22 pm but was battled till about 10:41 pm.

Agbili said, “At about 11:30 am on Tuesday, Anambra State Fire Service, received a distress call of a fire outbreak at Timber Market, Nnewi.

“Immediately, we deployed our fire trucks and gallant firefighters to the fire scene to fight, control and extinguish the fire.

The cause of the fire outbreak is yet unknown, but it emanated from the gully heep of saw-dust which threw smoke that covered the market, but no life was lost.

“The timber market was completely saved due to the timely intervention of our firefighters. The heavy fire was battled till about 5.40 pm.”

On the Awka fire incident, which occurred behind the Sinai Gas Plant in the capital city, Agbili said, “At about 9.22 pm of Tuesday, Anambra state Fire Service, received a distress call of heavy fire outbreak behind SINAI Gas plant, Awka.

“Immediately, we deployed our fire truck and gallant Firefighters to the scene of a fire and fought, controlled and extinguished the fire.”

He said the fire caused by bush burning by unknown persons caused a lot of panic within that environment.

“During the firefighting operations, we were able to control the fire and saved the gas plant and no life was lost.

“We withdrew from the fire scene at about 10.41 pm after fighting the fire to a standstill and calming the situation.

“It is also important that we clear all bushes around our environment, especially at this dry season and harmattan to avoid had I known. Our appreciation to those who alerted us in time.

“Remember, the time of distress call will always determine the time of response,” Agbili added.

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