Femi Kuti, popular photo-journalist, is dead

dca femi kuti e x
dca femi kuti e x

Popular photo-journalist, Femi Kuti died on Friday after severe and protracted battle with deadly kidney disease.

He was the Photo Editor of The Guardian.

Kuti, who had been in the industry for over two decades eventually succumbed to the cruel hands of death on Friday and left the journalism industry mourning.

Kunle Awosiyan, a veteran journalist, who also began his career as a photo journalist, paid glowing tribute to Kuti on his Facebook page.

He wrote: “Goodnight to a Good Friend. Kuti, your pictures have kept on staring at me across social media platforms. They are bringing tears out of my eyes.

“Do I owe you anything and why are you doing this to me? I thought I do not belong to this photo fraternity anymore but you scare me. Your death shocked me.

“When a former colleague, Kehinde Gbadamosi, posted on NUJ platform that Femi Kuti was in a critical condition and that members should donate to a particular bank account, I knew our monies might not save you.

“Kidney failure is like a death sentence in Nigeria of today. Our hospitals are more or less a graveyard for the innocents. May our illness not land us in Nigeria’s hospitals. Your pictures surfaced online three days ago and today it resurfaced as Obituary to tell us how late we got the information about your condition and how bad the hospitals had become.

“Kuti, (Eshin Funfun) you were a good man who would never ask question before making new friends. You were naturally warm.

“I remember we always moved in groups from one assignment to another and I never saw you as a reckless personality. You did things in moderation and despite your beautiful look, you were a good family man. So many memories of our encounters are growing on mind but they are also disappearing immediately, perhaps because of your transition to the great beyond.

“You were the “White Horse” without the wings but today you are the unicorn with the bigger wings that flies away. You feel no pain anymore, your kidney is functioning again as you smile with the Angels. I pray that the family you left behind will never suffer. Goodnight Eshin Funfun.”