EPL: Ronaldo must decide whether to stay or not – Neville warns Man United

dabdc gary neville x
dabdc gary neville x

Manchester United have been warned to allow Cristiano Ronaldo decide whether or not he wants to stay at Old Trafford.


Ronaldo, 37, scored his 59th career hat-trick on Saturday, helping Manchester United climb back into the top four with a 3-2 win over Tottenham.

There have been suggestions that Ronaldo may not fit into the style of play for whichever manager takes over at Manchester United the summer

Ronaldo’s contract at Old Trafford expires next season but the Portuguese’s former teammate, Gary Neville, is insisting the former Real Madrid star holds all the aces when it comes to deciding if he’ll be at Old Trafford next season.

“There’s this looming decision at the end of the season,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to be at Manchester United at the end of the season? Will Manchester United keep him?

“It’s not in their gift, Ronaldo made that decision, he’s got another year left on his contract, it’s whether he wants to be here. Whether it’s the ‘project’ that some players like to say he believes in and is enjoying.

“His greatness and wants his career to be enjoyable, he’s demanding, he’s demanding, he wants to win every game. Obviously, there are elements he can’t do.

“If Man United want to be a high-pressing team he’s probably not your man but it’s his decision whether he stays at Manchester United, not the other way round.”