Enugu metropolis roads, streets empty as residents sit-at-home

From Geoffrey Anyanwu, Enugu

Apparent fear of the unknown this morning kept residents of Enugu metropolis indoors as the roads and streets are empty.

There are no commercial buses or tricycles (Keke) on the roads, not even are there private vehicles as one or two you may sight might be medical doctors on call.

Some people who came out to the bus stops to enter buses or Keke to their destinations for the day’s businesses could not but had to return to their residences.

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It was also observed that shops, markets, banks, fuel stations and other business premises are not opened as at the time of the report.

Speaking to the The Sun a resident at New Haven area of the capital city, Kingsley Nweze said the incident of last week Monday in the state had infused fears in the people and “no one want to be a victim of this madness.”


He said, “I am not surprised at the emptiness of streets and roads because I that with what happened last week people are still afraid and no one will like to fall victim of this their madness. If you come out you are on your own because there is no security to protect you and even if they destroy your property government will not come to your aid. So it is better you stay away from the streets and roads.”