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Ensuring secure parking in urban areas inspired Parkwell – CEO

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I simply looked around me. The establishment of Parkwell was influenced by the recognition of the widespread challenges people face daily in finding convenient and secure parking (spaces) in Lagos and of course, other bustling urban cities. We saw an opportunity to leverage technology to simplify this process, reduce frustration and contribute to a more sustainable urban future. I have always had this keen proclivity for environmental protection, and my passion for enhancing the urban mobility experience spurred the creation of this platform (Parkwell) to simplify the parking experience of car owners, reduce emissions and support more efficient urban mobility. Parkwell’s establishment was simply borne out of a vision to transform urban parking and contribute positively to the cities we serve.


 Since the inception of our operations, we have achieved several notable milestones. The first is user adoption. We have successfully onboarded around 5,000 users onto our platform. This growing user base is a testament to the value and convenience our company provides. Another achievement is the parking network. We boast of a network of over 2,000 individual parking lots. This ensures that users have access to a wide range of parking options across various locations.

Also, we currently facilitate the parking for thousands of cars each month through our operations. This not only simplifies the parking process for users but also contributes to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Then, what we have achieved in our partnerships is quite notable. We have established strategic partnerships with key players in the mobility, financial and insurance sectors to enhance the overall parking and commuting experience for users. We have also expanded our operations to Parkwell Senegal and have begun partnering with parking providers in that region, with plans for further expansion.


 Running a company like ours comes with its share of challenges as is typical with many start-ups. Besides, it is a unique industry. Some of the key challenges we face include user acquisition, which involves building awareness and trust, and it requires significant effort. Then, technology maintenance is a challenge. It involves ensuring the scalability, reliability, and security of our technology platform. Also, we aren’t too used to partnership building in this part of the world. Building and maintaining strategic partnerships with parking providers, government agencies and other stakeholders is essential.

Another challenge is operational efficiency. It involves achieving cost-efficiency in operations while maintaining service quality. Furthermore, securing funding for expansion and scaling operations has been challenging. We are in a competitive funding landscape.

Besides, economic factors, such as inflation, currency fluctuations, and economic downturns have been a significant headwind. These challenges are part of the entrepreneurial journey and we work tirelessly to address them while remaining committed to our mission of transforming urban mobility and parking solutions.

 Yes. We take security seriously and implement measures to ensure the safety of users’ cars. This includes security features and practices that may be in place. The valet service feature is where valet parking is offered. Here (in this feature), trained attendants take responsibility for parking and retrieving users’ cars, reducing the risk of theft or damage. Another feature is secure payment. The app’s payment system often includes secure payment processing to protect users’ financial information.

Then, we have the user reviews. Users can provide feedback and reviews about parking lots and valet services, helping others make informed decisions. Also, in the insurance feature, we have partnered with insurtech companies to offer insurance coverage for parked vehicles, providing an extra layer of protection in case of unforeseen incidents.

Another feature is real-time monitoring. Our platform can also offer real-time monitoring of parked vehicles, allowing users to keep an eye on their cars remotely. We implemented these measures to enhance security but also implore users to take precautions such as locking their vehicles and not leaving valuables in plain sight to further protect their cars.


 This isn’t my first tech company. I and two other friends started an ed-tech company (an online learning platform that made education accessible for primary and secondary school pupils) four years ago. Over the years, I have grown a deep passion for innovation and a belief in the transformative power of technology. This enthusiasm was what drove me to explore how technology could disrupt traditional parking and mobility solutions.

 I studied BioResource Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. It was there that I developed an interest in tech. This led me to build an irrigation calculator as my final year project. I did a post-graduate study in Business Management at the National Open University, Lagos, and a couple of other courses and certifications. I have gained over 10 years of experience in business development, engineering and operations management.


There are a number of them but I will highlight a few. The day we launched our operations after so many months of hard work and anticipation was quite memorable for me. Other memorable moments include when we reached our first 100 paying users; when we secured our first strategic partnership/collaboration, which helped us further accelerate our expansion into new regions and opening up new markets; and when we registered Parkwell Senegal and deployed our solution there.


 I am a father and husband. I carry out some community leadership and find fulfilment in giving back through mentoring and coaching the young ones.


 I enjoy spending treasured time with my family. I equally enjoy physical activities, especially working out in the gym, reading, listening to music and volunteering. I make out every possible time to volunteer for causes I am passionate about.

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