Edo Disc/Cassette dealers association lament violation of copyright

ddae clement
ddae clement

From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

Chairman, Disc/Cassette Dealers Association of Nigeria, Edo State chapter, Mr. Clement Efenudu, yesterday, lamented the incessant criminal actions of those who pirate the works of musicians and Nollywood movie makers.

Addressing newsmen in Benin City, Efenudu said: “those that are in the entertainment circuit are been denied benefit from the labour of their sweat.

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“A stroll around the streets of Benin City would be chance for a huge revelation of how pirates go all out without any care in this world to deny copyright owners of benefitting from the labour of their sweat.

“In the good old days, these criminally minded individuals operate mostly under the cover of darkness or in isolated areas where they can operate without hindrance.


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“Presently, the reverse is the case. The pirates are so bold now that they can be located in the open and popular areas of the metropolis without any fear that they may be arrested and prosecuted for their criminal act.

“The question that readily comes to mind is that, is there no law that is in operation against these criminal acts and if there are such laws where are the agencies or organisations to enforce these laws and bring these criminals to justice.

“Is it not absurd that the copyright owners of these works are going through hard times while the pirates who are all well known in society live in opulence ?