Easter: God angry with Man, could destroy world again – Pastor Lazarus

pastor lazarus muoka x
pastor lazarus muoka x

By Gilbert Ekezie, Lagos

The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has said that God is not happy with humanity and will destroy the world again if the people refuse to seek his face through repentance from their sins.

The pastor stated this at the 2-day Easter Retreat titled: “God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessing, organised by the Lord’s Chosen at its headquarters, Odofin Park Estate, Amuwo Odofin by Ijesha Bus Stop, Lagos State.

Pastor Muoka said humanity has gone contrary to the commandments of God and must amend their ways in order to be free from the wrath of God. ‘It is sad that humanity has gone astray, they engage in corruption, killings, hatred, anger, malice, selfishness, unforgiveness, adultery, fornication, and other terrible sins angry about that,’ the pastor declared in his sermon.

He frowned at the way immoral acts like homosexuality, abortion, gay marriage, pornography, corruption etc are being legalised in some countries of the world, pointing out that the present generation has angered God more than any other. “God is not pleased with the sins of the present generation where leaders allowed things that do not please him to happen. He allowed the pestilence tormenting the world and the crisis at the moment for people to repent from their sins.

According to him, the present generation has angered God too much that through their conduct, people are calling God to destroy the world and humanity.


Pastor Muoka explained that there are things God directed humanity not to do and things He demanded of them, but today, they are doing what they like against God’s directives,

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The cleric noted that the economic meltdown in many counties of the world is all part of God’s disenchantment with humanity.

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‘God allows every bad thing that Satan meted to humanity for a purpose,’ he said.

He admonished leaders, especially those in Nigeria, to turn to God in repentance. ‘Leaders should do things in accordance with the will of God so that the citizens would follow suit and things would be better,’ he stated.

Pastor Muoka also called on religious leaders and preachers to preach salvation and not materialism, because any wealth without Christ will lead to crisis.

Many participants at the Easter Retreat went home with testimonies of the miracles God performed in their lives, after deliverance prayers offered by Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Among those who were delivered are the deaf and dumb, blind, insane, afflicted, those with spiritual problems and many others.