Democracy Day: Despite challenges, Nigeria attending great feat-Dimka

From Gyang Bere, Jos

Chairman Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics and Senator representing Plateau Central, Senator Hezakiah Ayuba Dimka has expressed hope that despite the security challenges the country is grappling with, nation has achieved unity in diversity.

Sen. Dimka in a statement issued on Saturday in Jos noted that the country will attain great feat working together and collaborating towards sustaining the unity of the nation.

“Another Democracy Day has come again and there is no better way to be part of it than to join millions of Nigerians in celebrating this unique day.

“In the last 22 years of uninterrupted celebration of democracy, Nigerians have gone through challenges that certainly have tested the souls of men and women.

“The nation has had to grapple in the economy, of insecurity, health concerns and all manners of criminalities which include kidnapping, banditry and terrorism. All of these have tested the elasticity of our patience.

“While admitting that there’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel, we cannot but channel our energies to concrete dialoguing between and amongst the various regions and ethnic groups that make the federation.

“It is only in understanding our differences that we can appreciate where we should be. Talking about where we desire to be, is the concern of our people generally.”

He admitted that most political journeys are not without hitches and said that the challenges should further strengthened the democratic structures in the country.

“Fully mobilized and awakened by the various suggestions and in some cases criticism, we have not gone to sleep and abandoned the responsibilities placed on my shoulders. Rather, I am awake to my primary responsibilities and even much more.

“In the course of the years, God has enabled me intervene in a number of ways for the benefit of our people (Document is made available). We do not beat our chest,we are only appreciating God’s faithfulness to present myself for greater service ahead.


“Some of you or your communities or family members benefited from some of the programmes which my office organized either in the Senatorial District office or local government areas headquarters.

“We are continuing to hope for more of such interventions particularly as we empower our people knowing that the times call for such. And doing so will continue to alleviate and take our young people off the unemployment market, so that they can direct their energies to productive endeavours.

I believe that our people, both old and young, women and children have a stake in the commonwealth. It is to their benefit that we shall not remain in the same place for long.

“We cannot remain aloof and or pretend that we have reached our limits; a lot more is needed to be done and assure all who gave me this mandate that we are working for their benefit.

“I am not resting on my oars, there is a lot of grounds to cover before we get to the destination. I am determined to do more bearing in mind that we are in this together; and we can only do better with sufficient resources.

“As I begin the third year of my service to the zone and by extension to the state, I am persuaded we are on course to do even better. I have always said that a representative without the people is one without a voice. I have always prided myself as one who is surrounded by a people united for a better cause.”