Court sentences teacher to life imprisonment for defiling minor

cce gavel
cce gavel

Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya of the Ikeja High Court has sentenced a school teacher, Chukwu Ndubuisi, to life imprisonment.

The teacher was sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling a six-year-old girl at Mind Builders School in Lagos.

Ndubuisi was an art teacher of the school as of June 2016 when the offence was committed.

He was initially arraigned at the Ogudu Magistrate Court on a charge of forceful penetration.

The court also declared Ndubuisi had unlimited access to the minor and defiled her several times.

The court said that the first time the survivor told her mother of her experience was the day when she was discussing the case of a seven-year-old girl that was defiled and killed that went viral on social media.

The survivor murmured to her mother that she wanted to discuss something with her.

They went outside and the survivor explained her experience to her mother and begged her not to tell anyone.

However, the mother informed the father, which led to visitation to the school but the art teacher could not be found.


The court noted parents of the victim notified the Omole Police Station and the matter was investigated.

Following a test conducted on the survivor at the Ikosi Health Centre, it was revealed the survivor had been defiled.

The court said the survivor had notified the court that sometimes Ndubuisi requested her to remove her uniform and put his “bumbum” into her “bumbum”.

“At another time, he called me into the art room, he put me on the table, parted my panties and put his thing into my thing,” the survivor said.

The court upheld that there was evidence of forceful penetration, following the result of the test carried out at the Mirabel Centre.

The test revealed that the minor had torn hymen and reddish vulva.