Cold war era: Buhari calls for lasting peace in North, South Korea

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday disclosed that Nigeria would support efforts to bring peaceful resolution and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula.

Buhari joined world leaders virtually today to attend the opening of World Summit 2022, themed ”Reconciliation and Peace in the Korean Peninsula, through Multi-Sectoral Peace Building Initiatives in Asia and in the World.”

In a video message sent to the Hybrid Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Buhari said the Korean peninsula had been a flashpoint of conflict, lingering many years and therefore deserving the attention of world leaders for a peaceful resolution.

According to Buhari, the Korean situation as defined by its history in the Asia-Pacific region that remained divided since the cold war era.


He said, ”The Nigerian Government encourages and supports every effort to promote understanding and a commitment to peace among the governments and people of both Koreas.

”We have enjoyed cordial relations with both Koreas in trade and commerce, education, cultural exchange, and technology transfer.

”And so, when it comes to what needs to be done to ensure lasting peace on the peninsula, we’re happy to be part of it.”