Call for Buhari to resign: Kaduna Bishops back Northern Elders

From Noah Ebije, Kaduna

Bishop, Diocese of Kaduna, Anglican Communion, Timothy Yahaya and Bishop of Kaduna Catholic Archdiocese, Matthew Manoso Ndagoso have respectively thrown their weights behind Northern Elders recent call for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari over raging insecurity in the country.

This was contained in their separate Easter messages to the nation yesterday.

However, the presidency had since replied the northern elders, describing them as failed politicians seeking cheap publicity.

Bishop Yahaya said the right thing to do by a leader who cannot deliver is to bow out of office, adding, however, there is hope for Nigeria as a nation.

On his own part, Bishop Ndagoso said it was hard to disagree with Northern elders’ position on the need for Buhari to resign from office over killings in the country.

He noted that the only thing the people got each time scores of Nigerians are killed, maimed and abducted, were empty assurances and reassurances of security by political leaders

Bishop Yahaya said, “My Easter message is that there is hope for every individual in this country, there is hope for Nigeria as a nation. I know what we are going through, it is a dangerous and perilous time. But I tell you the only tonic of tomorrow is hope.

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“I don’t want to join issues with the Northern elders because I am not a politician. But the truth about leadership is that there is morality in leadership. If you cannot deliver as a leader in a civilised clime, the right thing and best thing to do is to bow out. But what gives me concern seriously is that I am not sure if the President knows that his name is going down in history as the President that is supervising the killing of his people, as a President who is the petroleum Minister, today in Kaduna we don’t have petrol for how many months. As the President who is supervising the nation, ASUU have closed down universities, the future generation is bleak.

“As a President who supervises where you hear billions of naira being budgeted and you don’t see anything verifiable for it. So for me I am not talking as a politician, am talking as a citizen of this nation, I am talking with the voices of the masses, I talk with the reality on the ground. I don’t know, those of you around Mr. President, all you want to do is to rub his name from the glory of the future. I hope it is not the best thing you are doing because I don’t know if they are shielding you from information.

“Look at the railway attack, our brothers and sisters are in captivity. And we are not hearing from Mr. President himself. The Spokesman can speak for the President that the citizens of this country are in the hands of terrorists. Mr. President should sit up. Even if somebody is speaking for him, he is telling lies. In other clime, the President will not sleep, and heads will roll because somebody is responsible for the laxity that led to this train attack.

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“For me, Mr. President needs to do an x-ray of his leadership in the past seven years because by next month he will be seven years fully on the saddle. Has he done very well? How much was Dollar when you took over power? How much was petrol when you took over power? How was insecurity when you took over power? Where was education when you took over power? Where was the name of Nigeria when you took over power? Today we hear money being budgeted for a Turn Around Maintenance of refineries, where are the refineries? And how do you want me to believe that corruption is being fought in Nigeria?”.


On the state pardon granted former governors of Taraba and Plateau States, Jolly Nyame and Joshua Dariye, the Anglican Bishop said, “Like Femi Falana said, somebody stole Indomie and you sent him to six months imprisonment, and somebody stole billions of naira you set him free.

“Therefore, let’s go to our Prisons and begin to apologise to the prisoners. You cannot set free those who stole patrimony of the people and sent to prison to languish those who stole five thousand naira or one hundred thousand naira in this country. Are you telling me that what is good for the Goose is not good for the Gander? Ate you telling me that it is animal farm that we have as Nigeria?.

“As far I am concerned, I have said it before, Nigeria is at war, soldiers are being killed, citizens are being killed. If you take the statistics of the number of soldiers and police that are being killed you will know that Nigeria is at war. Infrastructures are being attacked and vandalised.

“There should be national emergency to recall ex servicemen and recruit young men to fight insurgents if possible because desperate time needs desperate measure. Begin to train young people in all the 36 States. In a state where we have less 50,000 soldiers we are not ready for this war. Also technology should be deployed. This is war, it is a very serious war. The fact that they were able to attack the airport, the train, I hope the Villa is safe”.

For the Catholic Bishop Ndagoso,” Given where we are right now in terms of insecurity and the government’s handling of the situation thus far, it is hard for one to disagree with Bulama Bukarti’s assertion that, “the Buhari government is incompetent, inept and careless”, and the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) that “his leadership has proved spectacularly incapable of providing security over Nigerians.

“Our predicament today especially in the northwest region of our country and particularly in Kaduna state is akin to that of the two runaway disciples with high hope prior to 2015 that someone will rescue us from the grip of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, cattle rustlers, marauding herders and such like.

“All we get are empty assurances and reassurances of security by our political leaders each time scores of Nigerians are killed, maimed and abducted as witnessed recently in the mass killings and abductions in Agunu, Kagoro, Koron Tsohuwa area, attacks on Kaduna international airport, the Abuja-Kaduna bound train that led to the killing of eight people, injury of scores and the abduction of more than 150, the killings of our gallant soldiers and vigilantes in the notorious Birnin Gwari axis and most recently the Plateau, Benue and Taraba mass killings have left most Nigerians with little or no trust and confidence in those charged with the constitutional responsibility of securing their lives and property

“To say the least, the seeming incompetence and the lack of political will to face the ever increasing insecurity head-on has left most Nigerians in a state of quandary to the extent that some members of the national assembly and other well respected individual Nigerians are publicly calling on the citizens to bear arms in order to defend themselves. Do we need any further signs of a failed state? Your guess is as good as mine”.