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In the online sports betting world, a gaming company that advertises “a sure thing” is rightly viewed with suspicion. After all, how do you call any product a sure thing in an industry where randomness plays such a big role?

Which is why we were initially suspicious when we came across BetKing’s FlexiCUT, a feature that professes its ability to insure your betslip.

However, we soon discovered that it works EXACTLY as advertised. Read on to find out how FlexiCUT works and how you too can use this delightful feature to insure your betslip(s)


Understanding BetKing’s FlexiCUT

To understand how to navigate this feature, we’ll answer two key questions:

  1. What is BetKing’s FlexiCUT? FlexiCUT is a new BetKing feature that promises something very simple, but vital: to help you insure your betslip against the chances of SEVERAL wrong events on your betslip.  This means that if you activate the feature when you place a bet, you can still win even with multiple wrong bet predictions.
  2. How do I use FlexiCUT for the first time? Follow these simple steps:
  • Sign in to your BetKing account. If you don’t have one, create one on the mobile website or with their new android app.
  • Navigate to online sports betting markets. You can either bet on traditional sports like Football & Basketball or hybrid products like FootballGO.
  • Forecast your bets. You can also use betting tips from the BetKing Blog to make this process easier/faster.
  • Make your picks and place a wager. On the betslip page, you can activate FlexiCUT and select the number of wrong picks you’d like to have.
  • Track your betslip. If you have equal/fewer wrong picks than what you picked on FlexiCUT, you’ve successfully used FlexiCUT to insure your betslip and win.

It’s that simple.


Benefits of Using FlexiCUT

There are several ways FlexiCUT improves your betting experience, such as:

Risk reduction: Several narrow losses can lead to you doubt yourself and second guess even the most straightforward picks. FlexiCUT fixes that by allowing you to take more risks, thereby increasing your margin for error. This gives you a safety net of sort to keep your betslip alive even when your prediction(s) are wrong.

Higher chance of winning steadily: The higher the risk, the higher the reward in betting. However, the insurance FlexiCUT provides means that you can wager larger sums, more often and still win big.

More options to pick from: If you used to wager on X picks, you can expand that number due to the increased margin for error FlexiCUT gives you. Don’t limit yourself to just Football, try out Basketball, Tennis, FootballGO markets and more!



How to Maximize your use of FlexiCUT

We also have some tips that will help you make the most of BetKing’s FlexiCUT:

  1. Research your picks properly: This is a given, of course. Just because you’re activating a safety net does not mean you should bet recklessly. You can take some risks but be careful to not go overboard with your bet prediction.
  2. Invest time in betting tips: This will help you to increase your chances of making winning bets but it can also take up a lot of time. To save yourself some time, find a platform that does this research and shares expert betting tips. Luckily, this is a resource available on BetKing’s Blog.
  3. You can bet higher sums to boost the win: Since the risk is being mitigated, one way to win big is to increase the amount you’re betting. That way, you can give yourself a chance at winning big with some insurance.


In conclusion, this is one of the best betting features we’ve come across and we advise you to give it a try.

Create your own BetKing account today and enjoy betting with a safety net!





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