BBTitans: How Yemi’s exit has affected me – Khosi

cc yemi cregx and khosi x
cc yemi cregx and khosi x

By Nehru Odeh

BBTitans housemate Khosi has said Yemi Cregx’s eviction last Sunday came to her as a ride shock because she wasn’t ready for his exit. She also said she did not prepare herself for it, adding that she would have been better if Yemi was still in the house. She admitted that Yemi did everything for her while he was in the house.

Khosi, who was Yemi’s girlfriend at the reality show, disclosed this at her Diary Session with Big Brother on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

Recall that Yemi, who had a rollercoaster relationship with Khosi, was evicted on Sunday 5 March, 2023 during the live eviction show alongside his partner Yelisa as well as Juicy Jay and his partner Olivia.

Asked by Big Brother how Yemi’s exit has affected her, Khosi said she never thought Yemi was going to leave. “I didn’t think he was going to leave. We’re all going to leave. But I wasn’t ready for him. I didn’t expect it. I hadn’t prepared myself that it was going to happen,” she confessed.

Khosi said she was so dependent on Yemi while he was in the house because of his caring nature. And that now that he is no more in the house she is learning to fucction all over again.

“And I realize I was very dependent on him. It’s like learning to function in the house all over again because he was always by my side, whether we were fighting or getting aong. He always by my side since like literally the day I walked into this house.

“So It’s been really really hectic, I know people would say I’m only acting (laughs). I’m actually like he died or something. But It is really difficult because he did everything for me.

“He did everything for me, like making my bed, making breakfat, making sure I’m okay, ironing ny clothes, taking off my clothes off the line, and giving me company.

“Because if i was not with Miracle, I was with him. So now that he’s left, I find myself by myself all the time. .This is sad.

“So it’s been really difficult for me at the end of the day. But I tried to remind myself that I didn’t come here for him. I didn’t know I would find him here So I should be able to take it. I tried not to show it all the time because I know that people would get bored, like ‘girl just get over it,’ But it just hits me,” Khosi said.

Asked whether she was lonely, Khosi confessed she was, though she wasn’t In a rush to leave the reality show.

“i’m very lonely (laughs) I’m very lonely but I can wait. I’m not in a rush to leave … I don’t want to give you any ideas. I’m lonely. Miracle is trying to keep me company..And I’m trying to put myself in the midst of the rest of the group. But I’m lonely because no matter how close I get to them , they can never put me to bed or cuddle me to sleep. So there is a huge space,” Khosi said.

However, Khosi regretted not having appreciated the time they spent together.”But for now it’s just like I really should have appreciated all the time I had with him. I was like stressing him and making him feel some kind of way about Thabang,” she explained.

Yemi and Khosi had a turbulent relationship. Recall that Yemi had a time time dealing with Khosi’,s flirtatious attitude towards Thabang. He felt Khosi and Thabang were too close for comfort and both of them had several arguments about Thabang. Yemi also had several confrontations with Khosi’s former paired partner Miracle OP because of her.

Khosi herself wasn’t comfortable with Yemi’s closeness to Blue Aiva and did very thing she could to stop them from getting too close. And she succeeded because after the host of the reality show Ebuka Obi-Uchendu had called him out during a live eviction show over his flirtatious attitude toward Blue Aiva and sneaking to her in the dead of night, Khosi ostensibly turned a new leaf and told Blue Aiva that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore because of Khosi.