APC came into power because of our weakness – PDP

The People’s Democratic Party, PDP has said the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC came into power due to the weakness of the PDP in the previous elections.

Bukola Saraki’s presidential advocacy campaign council Chairman, Iyorweuse Hagher stated this while addressing PDP members in Dutse.

He explained that the present administration under APC came into power because of the weakness of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“APC could not have come into power if the PDP had not broken its ranks and went to join other groups to take power”

“We see they have done nothing, they came with no agenda except the desire to acquire power and they have shown the brutality of power against the citizens of this country”

“Today nobody is secured and nobody is celebrating Nigeria because we are the poorest nation on earth under the APC administration.


Iyorweuse said Nigeria today needs an intelligent and smart president who citizens of the country will be proud of anywhere in the world.

He said the committee was in Jigawa State to ask for the support of the PDP delegates to support Sen. Bukola Saraki in his presidential ambition.

Iyorweuse explained that Nigerians are looking for presidential material who can wipe their tears from the difficult situation caused by the APC administration.

“Nigerians everywhere in the world will be proud to say they are Nigerians. They will carry their green passports everywhere and they say now we have a president who is highly intelligent, smart who can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other president in the world” the chairman stated.