Andoni LG Assembly repeals life pensions law for former council chairmen

The legislative assembly of the Andoni local government area of Rivers State has repealed a bye-law allowing the payment of pension and allowances for life for former council chairmen and other appointees.

The bye-law was enacted in 2013.

Leader of the legislative assembly, Chila Nte made this known shortly after the Assembly’s seating on Tuesday.

Nte said the law mandates the council to pay former council chairmen and other political appointees until their death which the legislative assembly “finds “absurd”.

According to her, the local government does not need such a burden.


“We don’t want the council to be saddled with the burden of paying pension to former chairmen or councillors”.

“Imagine someone who had served for three years will come back and say the council should pay them all through their lives”.

The bill has also been forwarded to the chairman of the council, Erastus Awortu who has accented to it.

The law is tagged political office holders post service pensions, allowances and other benefits prohibition bye-law No.1 of 2021.