Amstel Malta Ultra to sponsor maiden edition of Festac half marathon

Reaffirming its commitment to supporting homegrown sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle, Nigeria’s no added sugar malt drink, Amstel Malta Ultra, has announced its support for the maiden edition of the Festac half Marathon.

Scheduled for October 2nd, 2021, the 10km half marathon is aimed at throwing a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of the Festac Town while re-establishing its fading socio-cultural significance. According to Vice-Chairman Lagos State Athletics Association, Yusuf Alli, the marathon will also be used as a benchmark to select athletes for the Lagos City Marathon.

Speaking of their support for the race at the just concluded press conference, Senior Brand Manager Amstel Malta, Aminah Jagun, said, “We are indeed honoured to be able to pledge our support for the FESTAC half marathon.


At Amstel Malta, we understand the unifying power of sports as well as the role it plays in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This is why we are always at the forefront, championing Nigerian athletes to victory while providing support for homegrown sporting activities aimed at reviving Nigeria’s sports culture. We believe that the event will be a wholesome experience for the people of Lagos as well as the nation at large.”

The upcoming race is set to kick off at Festac Town and cover all Festac environs. The event is proposed to be an annual event that will be open to both national and international athletes.