A’Ibom S/Govt ranch with 2000 pregnant cows project suffers miscarriage

dbfb pregnant cows project suffers miscarriage
dbfb pregnant cows project suffers miscarriage


The controversial 2000 Mexican cows trumpeted as a flagship project of Udom Emmanuel’s administration appears to have been dead even before arrival, as it turns out that the project was just claptrap.

Emmanuel in his first two years in office had been regaling the people of the state of his fabulous ranch to be sited at Adiadia in Urua LGA, where the exotic cows already impregnated by some super stud bulls were said to be on the high sea en route the ranch.

But having waited more that two years but the ships that carried the cows were not sighted, the governor had tactically said he backed out of the project when the youth of the community decided, allegedly, to set fire on the equally exotic grasses planted preparatory to the arrival of the cows

But Daily Sun learned that the whole story was a hoax as there was not even one cow anywhere in the world paid for by Akwa Ibom State government  as part of any ranch project in the state.

The tell-tale signs that the state government had not even taken the Mexican cows story it had been feeding the people very seriously began to emerge when in the heat of RUGA controversies in the country, Gov Emmanuel said that the had forgotten about the ranch business because the youth of Adiadia had set the ranch ablaze and in the process burnt the nutritious exotic grasses planted for the cows

A visit to the site, an old farm location used by the Cross River Basin Development Authority, showed that apart from the old buildings and broken iron fence, there was nothing to suggest that the project  ever started  not to talk of it seeing the light of the day in the current  administration.

Some of the  natives of Adiadia community who spoke disparagingly of the project, said that “the few  frustrated white people who resided here to oversee whatever activities were going on had left after hunger almost killed them.”

“We don’t even know what they were doing here. Their condition became  so bad that they could no longer afford to rent vehicles for their movement so they resorted to using okada (commercial motorcycles) for their daily movement. They were like refugees. Have you ever seen a poor white man before?”  Enefiok Okon, who spoke with our correspondent asked in derision.


He said the state government never carried the community along in the project as such he doubted whether government was even sincere or was busy doing nothing.

“Two thousand cows is not ten cows. It should  have been a big project. Let government show us the MoU it signed with the community. Who was the CLO? When was the fire set on the grass, green grass-o, according to them? I wouldn’t say the whole story was a scam before you misquote me. But I say it’s only they in government that know the whole truth about that supposed ranch project.”

Emmanuel had told journalists at a  media parley as part of activities that marked the 32nd anniversary of the state creation that his administration backed out of the project due to numerous challenges such as setting of the place ablaze and several petitions written against him on the project.

“There were also many petitions against the project. I thought we could import the cows, cause them to be impregnated so that they would mass produce such breed upon arrival in the state instead of relying on the local cows to enable us improve our nutritious value.” The governor had bemoaned.

The plan to start the ranch was announced by the governor in May 2017  and he had said the project would be a public/ private initiative, explaining that the cow importation was to ensure fresh milk for Akwa Ibom people as against evaporated milk.

“Fresh milk is more nutritious and will enhance good health and growth among the people of the state. Our consultants are working hard to get the projects started.” The governor had promised.

No  government official has could say anything categorical about the ranch now even though before the governor announced backing off on it, the the commissioner for information, Mr Charles Udoh had spoken severally including on television and radio programmes, praising the initiative.