A’Ibom group lambasts aspirants over calls for cancellation of ward ad-hoc delegates election

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A group in Akwa Ibom group called Mandate Eyes, has petitioned the National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, condemning call by some aspirants from the state for the cancellation of ward delegates congresses conducted in the state on April 30, 2022.

In an open letter issued by their Director of Public and Strategic Communications, Dr.

Uwemedimoh Umanah, the group noted that the motive behind the calls for cancellation was to paint a negative picture about the state and the leadership of the PDP led by Governor Udom Emmanuel.

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“First, the logical incongruence of their piece of trash is evident in the writers call for the cancellation of the delegates Ad-hoc Congress of April 30th 2022, which they alleged were held in some wards including that of the state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel.

“The fact that they have admitted that congresses were held in some wards, defines them as mere confused mischief makers. It begs at this point to ask these merchants of falsehood, in which wards in the state were congresses not held in the state?

“If their response is placed in juxtaposition with available facts and evidence, it goes further to accentuate the belief that their mischief is aimed primarily at distracting the gullible public and weaken the base of the PDP in the state.

“Therefore, asking for the cancellation of the legally organized and peaceful ad hoc Ward elections smacks an ill- conceived intention- probably.

“Secondly, these merchants of perfidy have surreptitiously recommended the use of statutory delegates only and jettisoning the ad hoc Ward delegates elections. This request is tantamount to shifting the goalpost in the middle of the game- an attitude that defines cowards and men with multiple personality disorders.

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“Why, as contestant, are they teaching the umpire how to do his job? Thirdly, the appeal to the national chairman of the party to prevail on Governor Udom to allow a level playing field, again falls flat in reason and logic.

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“This opinion is propelled by the fact that a Governor who is promoting democracy and political inclusion cannot in turn desecrate the process of democracy. During the April 30th 2022 ad hoc Ward elections, the Governor participated at his Ward, and this has been attested to, by the petitioners.

“Isn’t it contradictory to accuse the same person, who participated in an orderly process at the ward, of not allowing a level playing field? At this point, one may be compelled to ask, what stopped the sponsors of this gibberish from participating in the Ad hoc Ward elections at their respective wards?.

“Truth is, the sponsors of this fallacious petition were merely prepared for petitions and protests, and not for elections. Finally, the call on security agencies to operate within the confines of their law is, again, diversionary because Akwa Ibom is, and has remained the most peaceful state in Nigeria”

The group stressed that Ad-Hoc delegates elections of April 30th 2022, during which no life was lost and no incident of violence recorded, demonstrated the conduciveness of the Akwa Ibom landscape and the capability of the government of Governor Emmanuel to maintain law and order.

“The renegades with the banner, Coalition of Ibom Political Groups and other splinter groups hurriedly assembled overnight, should retire from being used as agents of doom to paint an ugly picture or to create an impression that doesn’t exist, about our State.

“In conclusion, we in the Mandate Eyes wish to state categorically that Governor Udom Emmanuel has not breached any section of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, regarding the imposition of a candidate on the people of the state.

“Rather what the Governor has done, in consonance with his political and economic inclusion agendum, is opening of the political space to encourage competition and deepening the process of democratic consolidation.

“These purveyors of falsehood should henceforth refrain from making unsubstantiated statements capable of threatening the peace currently being enjoyed in the state. They should see reasons to embrace truth and peace that have characterized the state from 2015”, the group said.