After 2 kids, I’m open to having more –Uche Ogbodo, actress,

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By Rita Okoye

For Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, it’s no sin or crime marrying a younger person.Untitled24 2

Ogbodo, who is happily married to Bobby Maris, a man younger than her, however, insists she won’t tolerate cheating of any kind from her partner.

In this interview, the mother of two shed more light on certain issues bordering on love, friendship and relationship. Here are excerpts:

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What’s your take on celebrities ‘snatching’ other ladies’ men?

I don’t know why you people tag (female) celebrities men snatcher. Men are being snatched everyday. Women snatch men. Men snatch other people’s girls. It’s vice versa. So, it’s not about celebrities. But I cannot tell about the next celebrity, I can only tell for myself.

You’re obviously happy in your relationship, what are you doing to secure your happiness?

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I’m not doing anything to secure my happiness. I’m praying to God, working hard, and minding my peace. My peace is very important at this stage of my life. I’m taking care of my mental health. My partner is supporting me. I love him, I love my children, and I’m at a good place in my life that I would not trade for anything. I’m thankful to God Almighty for the opportunity as well.

Should we expect another baby from Bobby and Uche?

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Well, yes. I’m still open to having more kids. Let’s see where God or the universe takes us. I’m still open to having more children.

Can you forgive and take back a cheating partner?

It is very hard for me as a person to trust someone and they eventually break that trust. Seriously speaking, it’s very hard. I’ve never taken back an ex. It has never happened and I don’t see the possibility of that happening because I’m a very loyal partner. If I give you my all and you take advantage of it and betray me, it is hard for me to forget about your betrayal, trust you and let you hurt me again. It’s going to be very difficult.


Any marriage plans with Bobby?

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We are married already.

People keep calling Bobby your younger lover, how does that make you feel? 

It doesn’t make me feel anyhow that people call him my younger lover. I’m obviously older than my husband. I’m older than him of course, with a couple of years, but I don’t see him as my younger lover. I see him as my partner, my man, and the love of my life. I see him as a man who loves me and cares for me. I see him as a mini God. 

Do you wish he were older than you?

I love him the way he is. He is cute, good-looking, young and energetic. He’s perfect just the way he is.

People say there is so much enmity in Nollywood, how true is this assertion?

I don’t know about other people. There’s so much enmity everywhere. Even your friends can be your enemies in disguise, you never can tell. But I live my life with love and I circulate that love everywhere I go. I have no enemies and even if there are enemies, I refuse to recognise them as enemies.

Looking back at life, any regrets?

I live my life as it comes. Everything that I’ve been through has been a lesson to me. It’s been a steppingstone for me. I have no regrets in life.

Do you think female celebrities are wayward as perceived by the public?

Most female celebrities are not wayward; it’s just a small fraction. But you cannot write off everybody because of one person. We are not wayward. There are really decent people in Nollywood. There are decent, disciplined, well-positioned, mentally able girls in Nollywood, who know what they want out of life and who work really hard for it.