29 May and the limits of desperation

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By Fredrick Nwabufo

At the heart of Nigeria’s troubled and enchanted existence is wild and minacious politics. Politics defiant of patriotism and national interest; politics vacant of soul and righteous purpose; politics of predation and degradation. Politics of gladiatorial contests and duels. Destructive, dangerous politics.

The losing side in the 2023 presidential election has been dutiful and purposive on its agenda to push Nigeria to the precipice. Time and time again, this group has made provocative pronouncements, and keeps kindling the furnace of its malicious intents.

What could be more provocative, desperate, and dangerous than the call for the suspension of the sacerdotal 29 May inauguration of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu? What could be more heinous, psychedelic, atrocious and befuddling than this obtrusive contempt for Nigeria’s peace and stability?

It is clear that the pursuit of power by the foremen of the losing side was never out of compulsion to fix Nigeria, but for some deep, blinkered advantage. According to this group, governance should be suspended, and Nigeria can wait in limbo until by some wizardry conjuring, they “reclaim their mandate”. This is utterly ridiculous. What mandate?

The facts of the election have been emphasised again and again. President-elect Tinubu fairly, convincingly won the 2023 presidential election. He has an inexorable date with destiny. On 29 May, he will be sworn in as Nigeria’s president. The Nigerian people freely, and enthusiastically gave him their mandate. They entered an accord, a social contract, with him on the strength of his leadership example.

What is staggering is that the call for this obvious sabotage of Nigeria is not only coming from some votaries of the losing side on the internet, but from some respected Nigerians soiled by partisanship and provoked by desperation for access to power. These Nigerians seem to be having difficulty adjusting to life after the taste of the allures of power. They are irascible, irrational, and seem primed for political suicide-bombing. They are ready to risk their careers and vaunted reputation for partisanship. How depressing?

29 May inauguration is inviolable. There are judicial precedents, like President Buhari’s case against former President Obasanjo’s inauguration in 2003, which the court ruled in Obasanjo’s favour. There are also political precedents, since 1999 never has the inauguration of an incoming government been put in abeyance over electoral litigation.

What these devotees of dystopia are calling for is simply anarchy. So, because a politician lost an election, Nigeria should be made to pay for that? Our peace and stability should be threatened because a politician was rejected by Nigerians?

The same group, which hounded the Buhari administration in the past eight years, now want him to tarry awhile because of their pursuit of a self-absorbent goal. It is no longer about Nigeria, but about what is good for them and their candidate.

And for this genus, it is not about good governance either. To them, good governance is natively partial; it is selective of candidates based on kinship, religious orientation, or some manufactured puritanism. It must be their candidate as president, or doom and gloom befall the country. So, they constitute themselves into a bulwark of cynicism, scorching conversations and the polity with hate, prejudice, and fear.

But what happens when the election petition tribunal upholds the will of Nigerians by affirming the election of the president-elect? Will they persist in their enterprise of scorching the country? Will they accept the decision of the court? Or will they embark on a political trench war to perturb country?

I ask that we allow the court to do its duty without intimidation, threats, and fear. It is unpatriotic to harass judges on the ungoverned social media with tainted suggestions as to how they should do their job.

A Season of Great Expectations

A beautiful start. I believe good governance will silence doubters and scoffers. Every step the President-elect takes rings “united Nigeria, unity, peace, and progress”. The zoning of national assembly positions by the APC seems fair. Each zone was incorporated into the leadership matrix of the parliament, except for the north-central which I understand will be equitably compensated.

The politics of representation has always been a knotty one here. Not that there are any tangible accruals to the zone represented, but I know it gives some sort of soothing effect, a feeling of inclusion, to those represented. There are often claims of marginalisation by different sections of Nigeria. But the reality is, we all face the same challenges as a people. We need food, good schools, functional hospitals, security, infrastructure, and jobs. We are more connected by our shared needs, and goals, than we know it.

No zone should feel entitled to any position. I believe the only entitlement one should have as a citizen is of good governance. Every Nigerian is deserving of good governance. Every Nigerian is entitled to good governance.

It is a season of great expectations, and a beautiful start.

God bless Nigeria.

Fredrick Nwabufo aka Mr OneNigeria is a media executive.