2023: Utomi promises better alternative

df pat utomi
df pat utomi

By Chukwudi Nweje

Former presidential adviser and co convener of the National Consultative Forum of Leaders of Conscience, (NCFront), Pat Utomi, Friday, in Lagos, said a better alternative is in the offing for Nigeria if people like him are voted into office.

He said he has a programme that will turn the economy around and attain a minimum wage of N100,000 monthly, as well as make unemployment a thing of the past, as fresh graduates of universities and polytechnics will be put on allowance of N100,000 from the day they leave the higher insttiturion.

He said, “Of particular importance is an audacious low-hanging fruits of a conditional cash transfer scheme that will enable us from day one to put all University and polytechnics graduates without work, after NYSC, on a #100,000 a month on a Green Wall Project whose financing will come from abroad and savings from reduced graft in the system. This green ecosystem revitalization army will be at work between 8am and Noon saving the planet and from Noon to 4pm a reskilling initiative that will equip them with vocational skills that will both make them self-employable or fit into skills required in the industrial parks based on Factor endowments of the six zones of the federation from which values chains into global markets are projected.”

Utomi, who is one of the architects of the formation of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) said the party and the main opposition, the People’s Democratic party (PDP) have both failed Nigeria and should not be allowed to continue to rule.

He said the APD and the PDP are election winning machines rather than political parties.

He further said, “Some of us involved in the process of building the political platform have been particularly kin on getting the emphasis right so that it becomes much more than an election contestation machine. We know that the trouble with PDP and APC is primarily that their sole purpose was to win elections and wrest powers. They paid no tittle attention on how to govern and the results has come in. The chicken has come home to roost.”

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He called on all Nigerians to unite irrespective of religion and join forces against those holding the progress of the country back.


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He added, “In many ways, providence is showing us a path in the convergence of a Christian season of repentance, lent, reconciliation, and renewal with the Ramadan season of equivalent or similar spiritual disposition. We would therefore call on all gladiators to sheath their swords and recognise that which is at the very survival of Nigeria and the future of our children and their children after them. We must now forge a consensus and the national unity team an approach to governing during this season of a yet-to-be declared national emergency which poses an existential threat to all the parties notwithstanding.”

On the much awaited ‘Third Force’, he noted that consultations remain ongoing, even as men and women of goodwill and competence are free to join the NCFront’s coalition called ‘The Big Tent’

He added, “By design, the Big Tent is up and has already welcomed many. But it is built on a moving train pulling into stations at which passengers can board at will. Some on the train, like PRP, will be in coalition to maintain their traditions while others like ADC have opted for fusion and expansion with social movement onboard and still boarding the train. We believe this will alter Nigerian politics for good. The central to the modus operandi of the Big Tent is a center-left people’s platform that emphasises human solidarity and the universal brotherhood of man and production-focused manufacturing and strategic value chain frame setting perspective initiatives.”

He noted that the Big Tent’s major thrust include massive trimming of the excess fat, graft, and inefficiency of the current operating mode that would save millions of Dollars every week; placing honest people of merit at the centre of all initiatives with accountability levers that are made public for the public to double up with monitoring and evaluation department; ramping up compensation based on clearly stated performance groups, and reducing reliance on revenues to develop infrastructure but turning to self-financing projects and attracting new streams of income from assets registers and assets that are formally listed in stock exchanges around the world.