2023: Those insisting on zoning are lazy politicians –Kwankwaso

By Chinelo Obogo

Former governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has described those advocating the zoning of the presidency in 2023 as lazy.

Speaking on Arise TV, yesterday, Kwankwaso who recently formed a political group called, The National Movement (TIM), said many of the conversations about zoning were coming from his colleagues who are very lazy and find it very difficult put in the work and convince people to vote for them.

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He said such politicians prefer take the easy way out by pushing for zoning instead of working hard.

“All those zoning ideas are coming from my colleagues who are very lazy and find it very difficult to work. They are finding it very difficult to convince people so what they do is to go and start spreading these sentiments that the presidency has to come from this zone or that one. But they have forgotten the history of the country because all those who were supported in the north or the south were not just supported because of where they come from.

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“When people who have proven to be upright and are full of integrity are working very hard, you find people who either because they have money or they have worked as civil servants or have worked in a bank or in the military talking about how things should be done, but we need people who have shown capacity and have proven over the years that they can do the job.


“Now is not the time to have any experiment again. Personally, I supported most southerners to become president starting from MKO Abiola whom I supported against Bashir Tofa. We supported Olusegun Obasanjo against Abubakar Rimi and we supported Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 against Buhari. I come from a cosmopolitan city where we don’t discriminate based on ethnicity or religion. You should try and prove yourself and if you do that people would support you. There is no home in Nigeria where I don’t have a supporter because we have proven over the years that we have the capacity to do the job.

“My advice to politicians is that they should learn from history. You don’t sit in Lagos or Abuja and demand that presidency should be zoned, these are purely party responsibilities. I can tell you that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has no option other than to take it to the South because the current President is from the north, but Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is flexible. Out of the 16 years that the PDP was in government, the presidency was in the south for 14 years and in the north for two years. Even if I am not contesting and I have to support someone, we would support people whom we are sure would do the right thing. There are millions of people who would go with us because they believe in us,” he said.