2023: Igbo can only plead for presidency -Prof Ibe

ea ndigbo
ea ndigbo

By Lawrence Enyoghasu

The Chancellor and founder of Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State, Gregory Ibe has said the Igbo could only plead to have the presidency zoned to the South-East in 2023.  Prof Ibe, who is also an Ohanaeze stakeholder and gubernatorial aspirant in Abia State, stated this in an interview with Saturday Sun. He said the political parties would decide what zones the next president would emerge from.

“Every right thinking Nigerian should know that Igbo need to be incorporated fully. The Igbo resolve is that we would bring the best among us and put Nigeria in a better state.

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“The question I have for our leaders is, why should we be denied the identity as a Nigerian since we have no other place? Why would an Igbo be denied leadership of Nigeria? All we want is equity and fair play. We have the federal character but it has not been applied.

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The Igbo have been denied the opportunity to rule the country many times. Any Igbo given the opportunity to rule Nigeria would stabilise the country. The rest of the country need not  fear because most of the Igbo have investments or inclination in the north, which means they cannot be a problem to an average northerner, rather they would be serious partners.

“The Igbo can’t become the president without the collaboration with the North and West. Only the South-East cannot vote in the president and if they could, they still need the rest of the country to accept them before bringing the development they promised. It is on this note is note that I say that Igbo can only plead for the presidential slot. I plead with the whole country to give my people a chance, why I used the word begging is because, I don’t want anybody to deceive anybody that we are coming to divide Nigeria,” he stated.

Prof Ibe said his intention to contest for the governorship position in Abia State, is to harness the mirage of resources in the state, adding that he had been seeking the opportunity since 2014.