2023 elections: NNPP will win at all levels, says Kwankwaso

rabiu musa kwankwaso x
rabiu musa kwankwaso x

Adejoke Adeleye, Abeokuta

The Presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Senator Musa KwaNkwanso has again denied rumours that he will step down for a flag bearer of another party before the forth coming 2023 election.

Kwakwanso refuted the rumours at the state secretariat of the NNPP in Abeokuta on Thursday.

He also said the rumours of the planned of merger of NNPC with other political parties ahead of the 2023 election were being spread by failed politicians. 

He said “That’s absolute nonsense. You see, we believe that we are above the three or four parties in this country but by 2023, next year by the grace of God NNPP will win the election at national and all other levels.

“So, these are people who are failed politicians who have nothing to tell Nigerians other than to spread unnecessary rumour of a merger. 

“Merger is already gone. We have our candidates. In all the parties, everybody is campaigning. So, disregard that nonsense.”

When asked if he would step down for any candidate, he responded “Don’t ask me that rubbish.”


The NNPP presidential candidate said if voted as President of the country, he would recruit one million Nigerians into the armed forces to fight insecurity.

He added that his government would make Jamb free and would be extended to four years interval instead of yearly ,he also promised to grant free education at all levels to citizens and place priority on youth and women empowerment. 

The State Chairman, Oginni Olaposi said “only lunatics would vote for APC” next year. 

He said due to the level of sufferings and economic under the APC government no Nigerian is expected to vote for the ruling party next year.

“Our Presidential candidate is here today to affirm and correct any insinuation that NNPP is merging with another party. 

“The clueless APC government has no solution to the Nigeria problems. The number of people that will vote for APC in 2023 will amount to the number of lunatics that we have in Nigeria. APC has no business in government”, Oginni said.